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very small grow tent too hot with cfl's. aurora indica ideal grow specs


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hello everybody. It's my first time growing, and only growing one plant for personal use. My tent is a growlab gl40 (1'4x1'4x3'11), using 3, 42 Watt cfl's conneted by a 10" dome reflector. Want to add another 42 watt in the same reflector after seedling. Let me know if that's a wrong move. There are 2, 6" clip on fans (one on the top, and one in the middle inside the tent ). Going to use a 3 gallon smart pot with coco coir medium. waiting for Aurora indica seeds to come in the mail.-

So since i dont have the seeds yet, ive been testing out how hot and humid the tent will be with everything functioning. with everything on, temperature/humidity indicator reads 86-90 degrees, and 30% humidity. Going to need a humidifier, just don't know how small yet since the ones that are for medium/large size rooms increased it to 81% humid. The room temp that the tent is in, is around 71 degrees thanks to a nice window ac i have. So what should i do now in order to lower this outragous temperture? Do I need a air system? If So, it needs to be cheap ( under $100). Do you think the 10" inch reflectormight have something to do with the temp? Also wanted to know what would be the ideal temp and humidity for a Aurora Indica to thrive in vegetative and flowering, and any other tips for her. thanks.


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Hi! Welcome to :420:

First things first, you have a good size tent for keeping one plant, but I wonder if you're going to harvest enough to hold you for about 4 months inbetween cycles, you're talking roughly 10 gr a month under the best of circumstances.
That being said you should consider getting another tent and have both a vegetative tent and a flower tent. That way you won't have to use seeds every time and you you'll get a 2 months harvest cycle instead of 3-4. If you're thinking about using autos, I wouldn't recommend it as autos don't yield nearly as much as a regular plant, making the previous 10 gr/mth estimate much much lower, this in turn will result in a high growing cost and you might be better off buying it from somebody else.

Regarding the temps, you're a little over of where you want to be but you're still on the green zone, if the room where you keep the tent is relatively cool then you can lower the temp in the tent with a good extractor, then cool air from the room will be sucked in through the bottom of the tent because of the negative pressure that the extractor fan will cause. problem solved.

For the inside fan, always try to blow air from the bottom to the top, if you have a fan over the lights facing down then you're pushing all the hot air from the bulbs onto the plants. Remember, air always has to flow from the bottom to the top. This might also be causing your temp readings to go up a bit. See how it goes with the aforementioned configuration.

You do not need a humidifier, the RH levels will go up once you get the plant in there. Plus, you do not have enough space AND the cost is not worth it, you're not going to produce much so you have keep your expenditures in check.

As for the strain, having grown Aurora Indica, my personal advice would be to get another strain.
The flavor was not to my liking, although that is a personal preference. The high was not great either, it wasn't very strong and didn't really lasted that much. Also the yield was a bit below average. So to me it wasn't worth my time, I'd advice you to get another strain as a backup just in case you don't like AI either.

I think I addressed all your current issues, hopefully I'm helping.

Good luck and Happy growing! :Namaste:


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Thanks for the help, sounds like it makes sense, not gonna be able to try it out until I have The funds for the fan. I saw a 4" exhaust fan/carbon filter combo for a 10O. Would 4" be too big and powerful for my tent? And damn, I hope aurora doesn't disappoint me. Nirvana was making this strain sound like it's one of the most powerful and potent indicas they have.


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Don't worry about the carbon filter, you won't be needing that for a couple of months. 4" fan + filter for $100 sounds very expensive to me, but I live in another part of the world probably.
Just get an exhaust fan for now so you can deal with the temps and RH. Again, they will regulate one you get a plant in there.

It might be that AI is not so bad, it's a very subjective topic, I'm more into the fruity and sweet tones whereas other people are into the sour and cheese flavors. I also prefer Sativa dominant instead of Indica. It's really up to you.

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