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Vetsmoke Goes Perpetual With Bonsai Mothers, Clones & DIY Builds


Nug of the Month: Dec 2020
Hi All! Got a lot of new stuff coming up so I thought I would start a fresh journal to document my new setup, plans and progression in one consolidated thread which will stay ongoing for the foreseeable. You may want to grab a brew, spark up a smoke and get comfy as this is quite a long intro.

Firstly the setup. I have to do things small and stealthy so here's what I have. Some of you will already be familiar.

Mother/clone cabinet

I built this cabinet when I first started growing early last year. It is a modified office drawer cabinet.

Dimensions - H 64cm, W 42.5cm, D 57 cm.
Air exchange - Can Lite 150 carbon filter with 54CFM 120mm USB fan for extraction, passive intake, 2 x small 12V fans for circulation.
Lighting - HLG 65W LED panel 4000k


Flower tent

This was made from an old canvas shoe rack I've reinforced and lined with diamond mylar. Stuck a zipper door on the inside lining too.

Dimensions - H 90cm, W 60cm, D 30cm.
Air exchange - Fox carbon filter with 54CFM 120mm USB fan for extraction, 120mm USB fan with several layers of filter foam for air intake, clip on USB fan for circulation.
Lighting - 54-119W DIY Bridgelux EB Gen 2 3500K LED strip build.


Grow plan

- Mega Crop, Bio Bizz top-max, plant magic bio-silicon, seaweed extract.

Media - Bio Bizz lightmix soil, perlite.

Plant containers - Various fabric and plastic pots.

I currently have one photoperiod Gorrilla Glue in a roughly 4L fabric pot. Had some early issues which now seem to be under control. Soon I will take some cuttings from her to make a bonsai mother plant following Nebula Haze's tutorial. She will then be trained into an 8 cola manifold and put into the flower tent.


While she is flowering I will be attempting to create and maintain 3 bonsai mother plants in the cabinet. 1 x Gorrila Glue, 1 x Critical Mass & 1 x OG Kush. The plan going forward after that will be to take clones from these mothers to flower in 2L fabric pots in a 6-8 small plant SoG. This is the plan anyway. We'll see how it works out and adapt as I go.

All seeds to start with will be from @Dope-Seeds.com with strains from their own line and the Blackskull seeds line.

I hope some of you will find this journal interesting, entertaining and learn along with me. I expect some successes and some failures. If I can inspire other micro/stealth growers to give things a try too I'd be chuffed.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you along the way. I like to keep things open and fun so feel free to chime in at any point with ideas, questions, advice or just general chit chat. All are welcome here.

Happy growing!


Nug of the Month: Dec 2020
A bit of work done today. Decided to take the cuttings from GG. Snipped just below the first nodes, took the 1st nodes off and lightly scraped the bottom 10mm of the stem. Dipped in clonex and then into root riots moistened with a very light solution of bio-silicon and seaweed extract. Hopefully I haven't cocked anything up and I can get at least one to root.

GG just has her 4th node branches left now and is being trained out into a manifold. Has a nice sturdy trunk on her.



Back in the cabinet to relax.

Finally. My @Dope-Seeds.com order arrived today. A Critical Mass & OG Kush will be getting dropped very soon.

Thanks for reading!


Nug of the Month: Dec 2020
yummy , you should try crossing the og kush with the crit mass , that would be some nice smoke :ganjamon:
Well if I can get these bonsai mothers established you can give me some tips on doing that. Sounds fun.


Nug of the Month: Dec 2020
@Mr. Krip shared this handy guide on STS.

I see some experimentation coming over the next year.


Nug of the Month: Dec 2020
Dropped a couple of beans in shot glasses tonight. 1 x Critical Mass & 1 x OG Kush. The OG was a fairly big seed and when I dropped it in it swam like a brick. They're in the airing cupboard staying dark and warm now.

The GG had put on a little spurt since being clipped this morning so had a bit more training.



Happy little cabinet tonight.


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would be better for autos though , autos dont mind light leaks as much as regulars so you can air them more in flower ,


Nug of the Month: Dec 2020
would be better for autos though , autos dont mind light leaks as much as regulars so you can air them more in flower ,
Not sure I follow. Get plenty of air circulation in there. Going forward nothing will be flowered in this cabinet.
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