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VHO light fixture


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got a vho fluorescent fixture. 96 watt 4' t5 bulbs x4
94 cri sunblast 5900k bulbs. and 2 6400k
awesome for veg or flower.
it was a little pricy but it has a better spectrum.
i have hps and mh but this grows faster. you have to keep vho bulbs at least 10 inches from your plant / fan exhaust in the fixture. but im not sure if i should bud my plants under it. i have 2 400 watt hid's 1 hps and 1 mh with a ushio 7000k opti blue MH. i may start flowering underVHO then go to the hid's.:420:


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10" for fluorescent seems a bit much. I'd like to see if that really works. Whats the foot print of that light at 10"?


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sorry its called solar flare. google it.
each lamp gives off 7200 lumens 95 watts per 4' lamp x4
thats why. they give off heat thats why. do some research into VHO fixtures.
not HO VHO. 94cri color reference index. sorry i dont have a camera. wish i did. it cost $209. 28000 lumuns gets warm. my plants grow right into the lights. its not a cfl.
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