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Vials or Bags? A legitimacy issue?


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Ello everybody,
In LA, We're said to have somewhere around 1,000 dispensaries, and if your anything lik I am, checking out new ones is always a good time :)
My question here is in regards to legitimacy. I am an advocate, pro cannabis all the way. Of all the "clubs" I went too, only the minority seemed truly Legit! So I asked you fellow members: Do you prefer legitimacy? From the staff down to the packaging of the cannabis. I strongly believe that increased legitimacy makes the industry more powerful and it is up to us to set a standard for what us patients are comfortable with. For example, I HATE when dispensaries put the cannabis into little baggies!! My major issue is that it is hard to justify it as a medicine when it comes packaged looking like some dude in high school just slanged me a sack!
Am I alone here? Do you guys/gals prefer legitimacy in collectives, or do you not really give a rats??
thanks guys.


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Do you prefer legitimacy? That is a very wide question. As far as dispensaries go, yes the amount of stupidity that I have witnessed in some of these establishments was breathtaking--over-the-counter sales, illegal smoke rooms, people getting laid (good for them) within ears shot of the customers-- and I feel that those people (the owners)should take serious time to rethink what their long term goals are. I seriously doubt that these particular kinds of establishments give a flying fuck about the movement.

“My major issue is that it is hard to justify it as a medicine when it comes packaged looking like some dude in high school just slanged me a sack!”

Who in the fuck do you have to justify anything to? (That is not anger directed at you)
You are an adult with a medical recommendation.

On the flip side: Let us all keep in mind that "street dealers" were the backbone of what helped germinate many of the positive consequences that developed from prop 215 in the first place--despite the negative connotation that is implied in the title. And the term "legitimate" can be applied to all things. For example, I have walked into a Wendy's and at time received wonderful and attentive service and at other times I walked away thinking "well I'll never eat at that shit hole again." So I guess my extended answer would be who gives a fuck about bag vs. vial (I have seen crack in lovely vials before), and instead, let the service and patient/caregiver relationship determine where one goes to get medication. Word will spread and these establishments should be the model for the future. If a place runs poorly before your eyes then one can logically assume the situation is worse (dishonest) when you are not there.

My experience is the reason why I don’t dispensary hop. I was extremely lucky in finding a wonderful caregiver…you know who you are and you are doing God’s work!


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Ok maybe not justify, but to detach from the stigma.
And nothing against "street dealers", I'm only saying I have never been to a Wallgreens or Rite Aid pharmacy where they have delivered their medication in a plastic bag. If I have a vial of Advil, and then put those exact same pills in a plastic baggy, set the two in the middle of the cross walk, which gets more attention? negative or positive? It simply boils down to association.


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"I'm only saying I have never been to a Wallgreens or Rite Aid pharmacy where they have delivered their medication in a plastic bag"

So you have never purchased the individually wrapped doses? Is that not simply a plastic bag with a fancy label?

When you purchase produce from the grocery store (delivered in giant wax cardboard boxes if memory serves me well) you walk out with your produce in clear plastic baggies.

Again the negative stigma stems from society and ignorance. People think negatively regarding these things because that has been drilled into the conscience from birth--schools, D.A.R.E., most media, old school parents, Government.

I think we both agree that pot should be legal. Medical pot is only part of it. To be honest I would smoke it regardless of whether the law was on my side or not. With that being said, I would happily take advantage of any law I could to help push a greater agenda--COMPLETE LEGALIZATION for adults.

It is up to you, me and others to have these conversations. It is through constant debate and exposure that perception will change. When perception changes (this is a very slow process) there wont be stigma. Imagine asking your boss to go smoke a joint after work as easily as you would invite them to an alcohol fueled happy hour. Imagine going to a company picnic and when everyone else pops open the champagne you light up a joint...period...you light up a joint and that’s all there is to it...no one cares or thinks anything more or less of you then they do of someone getting a sun tan.

Idealistic maybe, but that's what I'm shooting for.

Way off topic but another thought...
I have seen Advil sold (in individual labeled baggies no doubt) next to a condom dispenser in a men's restroom at some of the local pubs...if anything deserves negative attention it is here.

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I agree about the "legitimacy" of the dispensaries - to the extent of the look of the business and the employees. There are over 15 dispensaries in our small city, and if the City Councils latest attempt succeeds, I will only be able to belong to 1 (I have also enjoyed checking out some of the dispensaries - so far been to the 4 most convenient for me). So I may have to decide which one to continue doing business with, and will base it not only on types/strains of medicine available, but also the general feel/appearance of the establishment.

There is one dispensary in town that definitely has that "high school" kid mentality. I'm a legitimate patient, and don't really want/need to hear from the kid behind the counter how "radically wasted" the Bubba Kush just got him. Same feeling about the other illicit activities going on there - really felt like a front for selling drugs (asked if I wanted "ANYTHING else" and no ID check when I returned one time for an edible). Some of their lesser quality meds also appear to have been vaped (no signs of any trichs, but nice look & smell).

The packaging doesn't bother me. One of the 2 collective/dispensaries I tend to favor (based on high quality meds) uses super-heavy duty ziplocks, while the another has plastic jars. Regardless it goes into a brown paper bag to leave the dispensary. If I pick up anything over a 1/2 oz, I toss it into a mason jar once I get home to keep it fresh. So as long as I'm getting my meds (and their high quality), I could care less how they're packaged/delivered.

Public perception - screw them! I'm a consenting adult that has tried conventional western medicine to treat my problems, and found that marijuana works best for me. I get a real kick out of being stopped/questioned by the cops (they have been targeting dispensaries and their patrons by parking outside the establishments and waiting for the patients to leave)....usually goes something like this:

Cop: Can I see some id?
Me: Sure (hand over license)
Cop: *sniff* *sniff* I smell marijuana. Do you have any marijuana or have you been smoking any?
Me: Yes, I do have some and yes, I've smoked earlier today (pull out marijuana and County issued ID and hand them over)
Cop: Oh, you have a doctors referral.....(obviously irritated - hands marijuana and id back). Don't be smoking that stuff while driving.
Me: Ok...have a nice day.



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I've personally never been to a dispensary that gives out medication in the plastic baggies, but I have seen it from a couple of friends that have gotten their meds that way. IMHO, it doesn't matter to me. My meds, along w/my friends, were both labeled in the same manner - professionally. I don't really care how my pot comes to me as long as the coop or dispensary that I go to is clean, professional, operating in a legit manner & I'm treated with respect & my information is handled confidentially (just like at any other place I'd visit - doc office, Walgreens, etc). I'm a people person. I'm about customer service, etc. If I go somewhere & I'm treated bad, I'm a bitch. You can verify that w/my husband. I'm SURE he'll confirm it. And if the place just seems "off" to me or isn't kept well, that speaks for the place IMO, so I would find another place to get my meds.

Packaging? Eh, I don't care so much. I put my meds into another container when I get home anyway. Baggies & plastic bottles are a bad way to store them anyway IMHO.


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I like the little vials that pop open when you squeeze, with label/strain/weight/price/bar code LOLOLOL

much more professional and more legit in medical terms, if I ran a dispensery, it would be vials and I would think if I got hassled by police, they would be look more kindly on properly packages medicine

aside from all that they keep smell trapped much better than cheapo ziplocks


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A few places here in sacramento sell in plastic baggies. but they aren't the really little ones and they are smaller than sandwich bags, about 3"x4". But they are labeled with the dispensary, strain, weight, etc. on a large white sticker in the front with a big Rx symbol in the corner. This seems satisfactory to me.

If you are buying larger quantities though it would make more sense to use a jar type container that would block out light and be airtight.
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