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Got a problem here Housten...

See, I am new to this, its my second grow the last one being a decade ago. I planted 11 seeds for my 80cm * 80 Cm grow room. There is some real choice plants there and there is a variety, Jack Herer, White Widow * Big Bud (a real phat lady) , Power of Africa (Sat) and LSD.

Trouble is they have all germinated and I have not the heart to kill a woman, so advice please?? See I am in love with them all:circle-of-love:....

They are varying ages, the older girls were planted 37 days ago, the youngest (autoflower) 27 days

T^he tent was p[ut on 12/12 22 days after germ, to try to keep the plants small...

I did some fimming and a little lollipopping, cant see any signs of preflowing yet, I am also unsure of how to tell the difference between a female preflower and a very young leaf ' kernal' .

What do I do? !!!




Calyx Hunter

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Is your concern making them all fit?

Watch closely for males and remove them immediately if identified.

If you are having a space issue you need to make some judgement calls on your own. You can use these guidelines if you want:
Are any of the plants stunted, short or just unhealthy? If I were to kill off any I'd pick the weakest plants to go first.
If everything is healthy and strong and you want to keep them all then I would suggest topping, fimming, cropping, defoliation and/or LST
If side branches become too entangled in each other then clip them off.

It does look like they will stretch alot more and you are already getting full. I see many clipped branches in your future. It's ok though you will still produce a good amount.


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Thanks Calyx - yes its space I am thinking of ther is only one runt in the family an LSD. Do you think there would be a pint in putting in a screen?


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Thanks for all the replies guys..

I have put them in a scrog and have lollipopped them all. The White Widow * Big Bud are shooting up, gthe others lag behind.

They have all been topped earlier on.

I am seeing flowering starting. I think the idea is to get the flowers through the scrog

Ole Festus

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I agree, make it a Scrog. Anything that is not forming a cola, I would cut away and divert all the plants energy into the colas.

In a way, with such little space and so many plants, it is going to be fun to see how big the colas are going to be.


Nyhm Reaper

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maybe just take a couple out and put them somewhere else under a small amnt of light for now. Flower the main ones and then when they are done you will have the couple you took out waiting to go onto flower. It wouldnt require much light to keep them in Veg for now.

Ole Festus

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That is going to get real tight & I know you are sweating your butt off right now after getting done with the Scrog. I can't tell you what to do, but if I was confronted with a situation like this, I would try and stunt their growth by doing a strong defoliation to keep them somewhat under control. I would remove all of the lower level branches at their nodes. This will allow more light penetration, make it easier on you for watering and adding nutrients, plus it will force the plants just to work on only the colas. This will set them back a little, but in the long run, you will have much less work and problems.

Do you have ventilation blowing from up underneath? If not, I would go and get a small fan to get the air blowing around in there from the bottom up. This will help prevent any sort of mold/fungal issues.

Once the colas start form, you may want to look into Light Addict's Backbuilding Technique. He is running a journal on that procedure and it keeps the height of the colas manageable & allows them to get thicker without growing to close to the lights.

+ Reps for the Great Effort!

Good Luck!



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Thank you Ole - yes I do have ventilation sucking in from the bottom. Before scrogging I took them all out and gave them a haircut. I will check out light addict. Doing what you suggest keeping the bottom lean - lollipopping.
Two of the smaller plants (Herer Auto and Power of Africa - which were germed later) are loosing lower leaves and have been outpaced, so they might go leaving space for nine pot symmetry.

Thanks for all the replies folks
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