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Video Allegedly Shows LAPD Detective In Pot Raid


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An investigation was launched to check an allegation that a Los Angeles Police Department detective participated in a federal Drug Enforcement Administration raid on medical marijuana facilities.

Marijuana activist Brett Stone e-mailed a video clip Friday, allegedly showing Detective Dennis Packer arriving at the scene of one of 10 raids Wednesday in the Hollywood area, wearing DEA raid gear.

LAPD spokesman Lt. Ruben De La Torre said he could not immediately confirm it was Packer, a narcotics officer with the department's Hollywood Station.

"I don't know the man that well," said De La Torre, who earlier said there was an investigation at the highest level in the matter that "hasn't been completed yet."

De La Torre said he could see there was a "D" on the man's back, but said it wasn't clear to him that he was wearing a DEA outfit.

Officer Jason Lee said Packer would not have shown up at a raid in DEA apparel.

"He is one of our narcotics detectives," Lee said.

However the DEA's Sarah Pullen said that "it was possible. "

"We have many task force officers who are deputized," Pullen said. "It happens quite frequently. All I can say is that we don't verify the names of our agents or task force officers, but I can verify many state and local officers and agents are deputized with the DEA, including the LAPD."

A more complete statement could be issued next week, De La Torre said. The matter could be treated as a personnel matter, and no additional comments would be made.

Use of marijuana for medicinal purposes was approved by California voters in November 1996. However, it remains illegal under federal law.

The existence of the video was mentioned during the public comment portion of Friday's City Council meeting by Chris Fusco with Americans for Safe Access. There was no immediate comment from council members, Stone said.

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Cali state law (trumping city laws) approves of dispensaries, feds do not. supposedly LA has no problem with medical distribution sites, but they are obligated to follow federal laws.
now we see a city cop, paid by the same cali taxpayers who voted FOR prop 215, crashing a medical dispensary? I thought that cop was supposed to enforce the laws that are proven to be the will of the voters....

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I would think that would be grounds to dismiss the detective in question. Too often what happens is an internal investigation and all gets swept under the rug.
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