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Video Tour of Noob RDWC-LED-Shaolin Tent

Dahbig Kahuna

New Member
Hey Gang,

Dahbig Kahuna tommyj here. I am a new grower documenting my first to flower grow on YouTube. I'm 55 years old and have some serious health issues because I'm missing 7 discs out of my spine. Think bone on bone and you will understand why I'm growing high CBD plants.

WARNING I'm a nerd so my tent is most likely going to be considered overkill but I can't help some of the OCD issues so I think long and hard before I do something then I over build it. I'm here to learn and share. My hope is that I can pick up even more info here to run some more experiments in the BatCave.

So if you are medicated you are welcome to take the tour... LED Tent Grow - Shaolin Style RDWC

Have a GROOVY Day
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