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Vinegar for lowering ph? Need your opinion!


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Hey, I am a first time grower and I've noticed the leaves on my girls were starting to get brownish reddish spots on the lower leaves, so I decided the test the water with pool strips, the PH and the Aliklinity or however you spell it are the highest the strips will test, and its out of season and all of the walmarts and canadian tires etc dont have any ph up or down,, and its expensive at the local pool shop and I cannot find it anywhere else, so i was wondering if white vinegar would work... I just want to know if it will damage my girls and affect their yield, so I wanna know if it works or if there is anything else I can use naturally that wont hurt them


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vinegar will work, but you will have ph swings.. take a cup of water, put it on the table and add vinegar. (it wont take much). check the ph after adding, let it sit over night and check again, it will probably be different. I also would not suggest ph adjustment for pools, you would probably be better off with stuff for aquariums/plants. but vinegar, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice will lower the ph and you probably have it at home but I would suggest looking into a plant store or hydro shop for ph down. I picked up 4l for 40 bucks I think, and it is gonna last a long time as it doesn't take much.


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Been using lemon juice for a while, 1 tsp to a gal lowers my PH from around 8 to 6.5. $1.29 at the local grocery; hard to beat!

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I used the vinegar, I put it in and it immediately went to 6.5 and I checked it again this morning and its still 6.5, So ill test it twice a day to make sure it doesn't have any swings

vinegar is going to be less than ideal for hydroponic reservoirs because it won't be a buffered solution. Vinegar is perfectly fine for soil watering.
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