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Violence and Marijuana Prohibition

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Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
Sensible Washington is promoting putting Initiative 1068 (to legalize marijuana) on the ballot. They are attempting to collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot solely by the use of volunteers. This is a daunting task for sure. Meanwhile, the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy has issued a study entitled "Effect of Drug Law Enforcement on Drug-Related Violence: Evidence from a Scientific Review".

This study looks at the impact of drug law enforcement intensity with the level of violence in the distribution of drugs. According to the study, the greater the intensity of drug law enforcement, the greater the amount of violence in distributing drugs. All of the studies reviewed were relatively recent and do not incluce the period in American history when we had alcohol prohibition.

The repeal of alcohol prohibition in the US, of course, dramatically reduced the violence associated with the production and distribution of alcohol. Currently, the US has virtually eliminated the violence associated with making and distributing beer, wine, and spirits. Of course, during Al Capone's day, violence was rampant.

The ICSDP review of the literature shows our current situation to be similar to the Prohibition period except that the violence is global in nature. Countries as far apart as Afghanistan, Columbia and Mexico have experienced high levels of violence associated with drug production and distribution.

If Initiative 1068 qualifies for the ballot and passes, then we can expect violence associated with the production and distribution of marijuana to decline.

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