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Violent mood swings


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I find this forum so interesting and genuine. Im a Newbie, as a matter of fact this is my first post. There is definitely a feeling of community here and I am very excited to be part of the mix. I hope you all find the peace you deserve through the use of this beautiful plant and the support of all here.


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Has anyone here experimented with Tincture for pain management and mood leveling through out the day ? I have read a few articles on the making of Tincture and its effects and wonder if anyone has a personal experience to share. I would like to find a portable version of the medicine that is, shall we say undetectable to the human nose. My firm doesn't exactly endorse medicating during work hours and meeting with clients while smelling of cannabis isn't the firms code of conduct.


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I can relate to the violent mood swings, I suffer from many mental disorders and the Medications the try to pump into me r crazy with crazy side effects. I have been a smoker for 15 years and that seems to keep things under control. I have stopped all anti psychotic medications and have not have any violent outburst in 3 years:thumb:My mental health has seemed to stabilized.


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Amazed at the honesty of so many people. Was an enjoyable read.

good luck all

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I don't know if this thread is still going but NY Purple Diesel works really well for me. I don't drink but my feelings to lash out is nasty. I am Bi-polar 2 Thought that this might give some insight :)


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If you're about to start smoking, I'd start off with something weak and chill like regular weed. Seeing as to i reside in Houston, Tx, you truly never know what is dro and what's just fake shit or bunk shit, ya know?


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Drinking and Smoking affects your nerves and it is responsible for mood swings. Food with omega-3 fatty acids found in foods such as fatty fish, flax seed, walnut, and soybean affect the neurotransmitter pathways in a positive way, elevating your mood. Deficiency of omega-3 is known to cause anger, irritability, and depression.


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I thought I was bipolar for a while. Then I realized that people just p!ss me off. I avoid them, no more anger. If I'm around too many for too long, there isn't a medicine on the planet that'll help. But if it's an... an optional kind of thing, if I can just split when the kettle starts to boil, go find a patch of woods to wander around in for a while... then I realize that I have found my medicine.

It's a shame that the judges don't understand this, lol. Instead of court-ordered anger management BS and screwing around until someone snaps and gore drips from the walls... A LOT of money could be saved if a judge would (and could, I suppose?) simply say, "Sir/Madam, why don''t you just go get a job as a forest ranger. Or a camp counselor." I see ads for both every year. People who end up fighting and getting fined and/or jail time when the live in cities could often end up being looked at as Good Citizens if they're allowed to work in Yellowstone, or spending their Summers helping "disadvantaged youth" stay out of trouble in youth camps.

And those who have the run of our national park systems tend to know all the best/safest places to grow cannabis ;) .
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