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Violette lights?

ratty dog luv

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Hey just picked up a double flourecent ballast for my 4, one week old, 3cm little hotties. Thing is the ballast came with 2 bulbs that give of what I would call a violtte light (not black) as it seems more white like a cool blue aswell as the uv effect on whites in the room. like one of those car lights the people with earings, shaved heads and names like Gaz and Daz put under thier Ford Escorts! anyway just wondering if it would be worth using these to suppliment the cool blue cfls I've already got (more light = good) untill I get the right size cool blues for these fittings. As I say they're not black UV, cause they give of a strong cool white aswell as the uv. I've already read up about Black lights being turd at anything except maybe turning your skin a nice shade of orange!! Cheers peeps
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