ViparSpectra KS5000 Grow Light Details


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Hello and good day!
I want to leave some documents here that @ViparSpectra put out on their KS5000 light I'm using in my 4 x 4 tent. It looks like an excellent light and the more information the better to be "ALWAYS GROWING" I may adopt that motto myself! It fits me perfectly!

These diodes (LED's) are tops! Samsung LM301H

When you engineer them just right they make for a sweet footprint of light to grow dense flowers in all parts of the footprint!

I don't know much about the spectrum but they do!

Dimming is a super important feature for saving $$$ and keeping early seedlings happy.

Having the Power Supply/Ballast as a separate entity is one very nice feature! I'm keeping my tent warm this winter grow by keeping it in and may put a fan towards it to move warmer air around.

It's an all in package!

I'll have this light glowing and growing so come and see it's progress on a 4 plant grow in my 4 x 4! Stay for a moment or become a fixture, but come and say high :ciao:, I'll be growing.
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