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Viparspectra lights


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I do have a small oscillating fan blowing 24/7. And yeah I couldn’t fill it toc to the tip top but that’s just because I didn’t have enough soil to fill all three 3.5 gal pots.
So I should be good right? Or does the outer ring being a little high a cause for concern?


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What if over time I slowly added more soil? Bad idea?
Wont really help because all of the roots would be at the same depth and couldn't take advantage of it anyways..

Heres one tip for you. Having the fan on it 24/7 is good but be very careful here. At this stage of growth you want a very light bit of airflow. As a matter of fact I always bounce the blowing air off of a tent wall first. That way the airflow is indirect. When they are seedlings and early veg they need all of the humidity they can get. When you have moist soil and the plant above it it has it's own little humidity zone going on coming up from the soil. Too much airflow at this stage blows that humidity right out. Long story short, keep a good 60%+ rh if you can because if you can then, you wont have to worry about that airflow so much.


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I have a 600w and a 300w. There are 2 300w lights, is had more leds in the red spectrum. They are signified by V or R.
Any ways, they are alright. My tent is on the small side, 20"D x36"W x62"H. I cannot have both lights on full blast, or it gets above 90f. I have a 4" fan sucking full blast into a carbon filter, no room inside, lights take it all.

I have had good harvests with autos, I only run autos. It is hit and miss with me changing soil, and occasionally overdoing the nutrients. I've been extremely busy lately, and burned my Kryptonite auto, I harvested it yesterday.

I also burned my Jack-47 auto bean from a hermied mother. I topped of my pot with Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil Conditioner. Bad idea, since it was on top of Miracle Grows new Performance Organix.

Mistake after Mistake, but my lights have been running strong for over 2 years now.
Some blue leds in the 300w are melted, but still functional.

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