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Virgin Ground And The Little Star Asterion

Chris Scorpio

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I like bigger holes, never loose any perlite

If yer not sure do a 3/8" hole, see how it works

Can always tape it and change it, I did when I raised my holes from 2" to 3" up, tape held fine

Virgin ground

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I up potted the girls, they were both ready. Both had nice white roots.

I tested the nutes I mixed up 2 days ago. I initially pHed it to 5.8. Well, it was at 6.3.
I need to watch my pH. I will mix smaller batches for now. It will be easier with the Mega Crop.
Vinegar might not be the best for pHing this. Might have to order something else.


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My granpappy used either Caro syrup or molasses in his coffee. Too sweet for me I like black coffee, damn near like to chew it. My favorite is the egg coffee I make when I used to go camping.
Egg coffee has my attention. What's that? Edit. Thanks I see you explained later. Egg coffee, poking, what mind expansion. Yum on both counts.
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