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Virgin Small-Time Growers Looking for Advice!


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Hey Folks,

Brand new to the 420 forums, though I've been browsing rather frequently looking for ideas!

Right now, myself and a roommate are looking to start/plan either a closet or cabinet grow setup for primarily personal use, so probably only one or two plants. Problem is, we're students and running on a very limited budget, yet we still want to maintain quality in our bud & health in our plants. This isn't to say we'll be skimpy with our funds, but we want to start a setup that won't break the bank but again will produce a decent yield.

From browsing the forums we've attained some of the basic information/requirements for a standard setup. However we really just wanted to hear about people's opinions as to what is 100% necessary with a basic set up, as we will obviously not have the funds or growing knowledge to set up an elaborate system. I regret to say it, but we will most likely be willing to sacrifice product quality in order to save on money and complicated processes; granted we know that some complicated set up will be required!

All this being said, it would be great to hear some testimonials from you all about your first grows, what you used, what you found useful/not useful, and any further advice you would like to provide to some growing newbs. I hate to be so basic/novice about all of this, and I realize there is a ton of information to dump, but anything you all can provide will be appreciated! Our closet dimensions will be something close to 9ft tall x 2ft deep x 4 ft wide, and a cabinet would be 4.5ft tall x 2ft deep x 3.5ft wide.

We're really excited about setting this up, we've wanted to do this for a long time but we're just in the last steps of getting final pieces of advice; we're long time smokers but have never been involved in a grow. Thanks so much all, I'll be checking this regularly from here on out. All posts welcome :).


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Welcome to 420mag.

I recommend looking over the Grow Journals section to find tons of first time growers experiences.

Also all the information your every going to need is in the How to Grow Marijuana section.

Good luck.
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