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Vision's Blueberry Bliss Auto, DWC, 400 LED Question


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Hi, this is my first time in everything, so I don't know if this is normal or not for an Auto.

I have a Nirvana Blue Mystic Fem and the Vision's Blueberry Bliss Autoflower under the same setup. When the LED is on everything is good, but when the light go off the Blueberry start to get like sad, all the leafs go down, like she was sleeping or something. But when the light go On again, she "wakes up" and everything is fine again.

Is this normal???

This is my Setup right now

18/6 light schedule
5gl container with 3gl of water + nutes [ DWC ------------ ]
PH 5.9
PPM 930 [ .7 Scale]
400w Full Spectrum LED
Hydrotones for medium

Day Temp: 88.2F
Day H: 52%

Night Temp: 82.8F
Night H: 70%



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Sorry I missed this the first time through, I was more concerned about taking in your supplied information.

This looks like a little overnute, I see you're at 900+ ppm, that's a little high for me in their stage. I would flush with pH 5.7 water through the top of hydroton rock and flush with 10 gallons per plant. Next, fresh nute solution @ 5.7 at 1/2 strength or so for a few cycles..around 400ppm.

I also like to use a product called FloraKleen by General Hydropnics, it is a good thing to have around, if you get some just follow instructions for a young/fragile plant which is 5ml/gallon, product is totally safe to use in every stage of plant growth....and it is a great final flush for flowering plants.


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Thanks for the observation on the PPM, but maybe I didn't gave the complete info

Tap Water PPM - 145
Nutrients PPM
785 [ in ppm calibration .7 ] or 506 [ in ppm calibration .5 "Hanna" ]

145 + 506 = 651ppm in Hanna Scale .5 or 930ppm in .7 scale

Basically they have 506 of nutes in Hanna scale.

Tell me if I miss something

And thanks again :Namaste: :peace: Out


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I get 560 ppm on .5 scale (785 ppm divided by (.7 scale) = 1121 microsiemen...multiplied by (.5 scale) = 560 ppm

560 ppm on (.5 scale) is a little high for me in their stage...I wouldn't be pushing them past 400 ppm (.5 scale) as young as they are...just my .02 cents.:Namaste:

I just wanted to make sure, because most nutrients use the (.7 scale) for ppm...and a lot of TDS/ ppm meters use the (.5 scale) so if that was the case..

Nutrient states 500 ppm (.7 scale) but used TDS/ppm meter with (.5 scale) that would be 500 ppm divided by (.5 scale) = 1000 microsiemen..... mutiplied by (.7 scale) for nutrient directions...total ppm is 700 since (.5 scale) TDS/ppm meter was used.



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BuddroGreen, this is my journal in progress if you wanna check it out


Awesome, I'll check it out. Also, I talked to my buddy last night again about the LED and the plant drooping, and he still says it works like clockwork. He also told me he has started using 1/4 - 1/3 less nutes with LED, I have never heard this, but I do listen to him as he is a very experienced grower and knows his stuff. Just FYI.
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