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ViVape V.2 Vaporizer review

Aaron Quix

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The ViVape V.2 by Vaporfection, provided by Vaporstore.com

With so many choices in vaporizers on the market, I've found that shopping for one can be down right discouraging trying to fit a price point, quality and value all into one purchase, while having no idea how well the product works until you try it. If you're fortunate enough to have a friend who owns one, or know of a store that lets you try before you buy with a display model, that's fantastic! Unfortunately, most of us are forced to take a leap of faith and make a major purchase like this over the internet. Luckily, the great people at Vaporstore.com have given me an opportunity save you at least one step in the arduous process of shopping for your next vapes. I elected to give the ViVape V.2 by Vaporfection a run, hoping for a positive experience. I was pleased, for the most part. Its refreshing to see innovation and tradition working together in a single product, and while this vape exhibits functions you might expect to find in a smart phone, the simplicity and basic design should take intimidation out of the equation for those new to vaporization.

An easy to read digital touch screen control is illuminated upon first plug-in. While I am not a huge fan of the constant electrical draw, (albeit minimal), the touch screen control stays illuminated at a very dim level at all times that the unit is plugged in, even in off mode; This CAN be beneficial for patients who need to keep their medication handy throughout the night, on a nearby nightstand etc. Searching for the "on switch" should be the last thing one has to struggle with when using medication for pain or nausia, so I gave that feature a thumb up. Once plugged in, start-up is a snap using the illuminated power button on the touch screen. The unit powers on and begins heating to the last target temperature you used, or, 350 degrees Fahrenheit is the preset default. Next, the option to set your prefered Automatic Shut off time, with a preset default of 15 minutes, adjustable up to three hours. Once set, the ViVape V2 will remember your preferences and you can begin a session within two presses of the button as long as you are using the previous settings. There is only one setting left to choose at this point-Bag or whip. Basically, the only difference between the two settings is the speed of the fan, (Bag is high and whip is low). You can change the target temperature at any time during the session and can choose between bag and whip functions at any point as well. Another feature I respect in a vape is the utilization of frosted glass on glass connections, and we have that here.

The new and improved V.2 lights up blue at the glass heating element, to indicate that target temperature has been reached. I found that heating time is around two minutes, a bit long in my opinion but there are vapes that take longer. Use this time to grind and load your herb, find something to watch or browse the forums here at 420Magazine.com while you wait, the unit will be ready shortly. A few things to note with regard to preparation: It is important when using most herbal vaporizers to thoroughly dry and grind your medicine, in order to increase surface area. Any unnecessary moisture can, and usually does contribute to sub-par vapor pulls, and larger pieces of material will have a lower surface area, causing less even heating of the herb.

Some people recommend buds be left in open air for 24 hours before grinding, and I tend to agree. Filling the glass herb chamber can be done by simply pouring ground material into the herb chamber, or by the classic "vacuum" technique where the user literally draws heavily through the whip with their mouth to suck the herb into the chamber, but I prefer to pour the contents loosely until the chamber is filled to no farther than the beginning of the frosted end joint. Simply draw, and be blown away by the beauty of terpene-rich flavors and incredibly dense vapor, (Depending on the quality of material used of course!) At the desired time (previously set in step one after power up) the unit will automatically go into cool down mode, the heating element will shut down and the fan will kick on to high for around 4 minutes to fully cool the internals and prevent damage.

This unit is being called a "draw assist" vape which is a reference to the built in fan "blower", but I found it to be weak and of little "assistance" when taking draws. I will say, however, that there isn't much effort required in achieving a VERY smooth, rich and flavorful vapor draw from the whip. I can honestly say that it has one of the higher quality heating systems of any I've tried, at least with regard to even, and consistent heating of the material. The ViVape V.2's bag system left me wanting more, though, when it comes to heavy clouds, but alas, no bag I've ever tried has ever compared to the lush and flavorful hits a whip provides. For those who enjoy a lighter vapor, the bg will please you. Aside from that, the only other drawback for me was the cool-down period at power-down, which lasts a daunting four minutes, but again I digress, as I'd rather the unit cool properly and extend product life. Available in black or white, with brushed stainless steel trim, the ViVape V.2 is beautiful in my opinion, especially with the blue lit heating element.

Box Contents:
1 viVape
1 Power cord
2 Custom Tapered Bags
1 Medical Grade Hose (3 Feet)
1 Wand/Whip Material Glass Container
1 Glass Mouthpiece
1 Vapor Valve
6 Screen Replacements
1 Stir Stick/Screen Replacement Tool
2 Medical Grade Tie Wraps
1 Owner's Manual
1 Warranty
1 Owner Registration Card

Thank you again to the fine folks at Vaporstore.com for their contribution to this review.

Review By: Quixilvir - Product Reviewer 420 MAGAZINE ®
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