Vivosun 13" Remote Controlled Air Circulator Fan


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I found early in growing that without proper airflow you'll get microclimates in your tent. I thought a couple of canopy fans would be enough. I was surprised to find the top and bottom of the tent can be 10f / 10-15%RH different. Using Govee hygrometers around the plants, I saw that even individual plants could have their own microclimates without proper airflow. After that I added floor fans in my tents, usually blowing diagonally from the bottom to the top. This works great to mix the air in the tent, but I usually have a streak of brown leaves where the fan burns them, especially when growing in the SCROG.

The @VIVOSUN Air Circulator is built to solve that issue.

You can set it to oscillate horizontally

You can set it to oscillate vertically

You can even set it to oscillate both horizontally and vertically at the same time!
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If that's not enough, it has 'natural wind' mode! This is the same 'natural wind' as the AeroWave E6 & the AeroLight fan, where it pulses the fan speed from low to high to mimic natural wind. It is designed to create the optimal growing environment for your plants.

The fan has other features, like a start and/or stop timer (1-9 hours) and Eco Mode (Automatically switches fan speed based on ambient temperatures). It comes apart easily for cleaning, with one screw and a twist. It's all controlled by the remote, which attaches to the side of the fan when not in use. And yes, there's a button to turn off the lighted display. If you decide to buy one use code LKABUDMAN for 15% off!

I have this floor fan, an AeroWave E6, and two AeroLights all on natural wind in the Vivosun Auto Oasis. It's pretty neat hearing the fans build and decrease at different times, it's like a breezy spring day in there!

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