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Volcano Craziness!?


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?Any Thoughts?

Ok. So for those people that have a volcano you are really able to appreciate every part of the pot and it is healthier and different. I was thinking one afternoon to make it more portable and even be inventive with the way you would go about making the volcano more portable. You could easily buy a car adapter and wire that up, but that doesn't suit what I am thinking. I am curious about putting the vapor into a tank, like old people put oxygen into. Then using the fittings that they use to make the tank regulate the amount of air allowed out when needed. I think this could work, but don't exactly know the physics behind vapor.

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Why not just use a vaporgenie? Totally portable vaorizer.:3::peace:

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I wish I was able to have had enough money to buy a digital volcano but maybe next time.

12. How long can the vapors
be stored in the balloon?

The vapors in the balloon condense in the course of time at the balloon shell. But that is a process which takes hours. If you inhale the balloon contents within 5-10 minutes you will have little or less no loss at all.
The valve balloon is not designed to "store" vapor, it allows moreover the user to conveniently inhale independently of the device in line with the user's individual requirements, making it comparable with a glass which is easier to drink out of than directly from the water tap.
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