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volcano deal


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So my buddy wants to sell his less than one year old volcano vaporizer, how much would you pay for one? He bought it for $800, which seems overpriced. I have tried it and the high is good but the main reason for wanting to get it is for the effectiveness although the act of smoking a vaporizer does not compare to bong rips or joint tokes. however, the taste is more pleasant.


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Used, 250 bucks. hehe I am a cheap bastard now that I'm old :)

Seriously though, there are other brands out there. That unit must have some high tech in it to be 600 bucks new, but for some reason I keep thinking all I need is radio shack, ww granger, and I could be in business. :)


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Just got mine today. It is absolutely amazing. Totally worth the money and on top of that, it is definitely more healthier than using a joint, pipe, bong, etc. Today was my first time using a vaporizer and it was a great experience!


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I agree ive owned 2 now both volcanos id love them both but im always swaping for this and that but definatley not more them 300 if its used happy toking:smoke2:
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