Volcano Resin? THC oil?


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Is the oil that builds up on the inside of the volcano THC oil? I am guessing that since there is no burning involved in the vaporizing process; the resin-like build up on the inside of the valve that attaches to the bag is potent with THC.
What I am trying to say in the form of a question: Since there is no burning in the vaporizing process, would it be safe to say the build up on the inside of the valve is tar free and actually potent with THC?

I was wondering if anyone could either tell me I am wrong or back me up on this one.


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I would assume the built up oil from vaporizers will contain some thc and should be fine for you to consume, again assuming you are only using clean cannabis :) Had fun one day and emptied a bunch of reclaimed vaporizer oil from the wip and smeared the rolling paper inside & out. It definitely helps with prolonged joint life although the vaporizer reclaim is not the best tasting (at least mine wasn't). Take into consideration how long the built up reclaim has been building up, do you really want to use that month oil wip build up? (I thought yea..) :27:.
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