Volksgarden Supra Rotary Garden 156 Watt T5 Fluorescent Grow In Progress


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Volksgarden® Supra Rotary Garden 156 Watt T5 Fluorescent Grow In Progress.

Hydroponic Rotary system
Stone wool rooting medium 1,5" cubes
Constant watering 24/7
Strain - Bubba Kush - Indica
Vegged three weeks
This is day 32 of the flower cycle. Total flowering time 63 days.
Room Temp - 75F Max
Water Temp 68/72F
PH - 5.8/5.9
Ferts - General Hydroponics
PPM 1000/1400
























I over grew this garden, and split the plants up between two Volksgarden Supras. That is why there are so few plants in this unit. This was my first attempt with this strain. I thought I would be able to halt the vegetative growth by vegging with two of the T5 lamps, then adding the remaining two lamps as I changed to a 12/12 flowering light cycle, however the plants where elbowing for room by this time, and I ended up a few %s over the mark, hence the additional tie down structure added to the cylinder. Seems to be working well for a minimal effort. It makes me think of doing a grow with maybe only ten plants, and train them around the drum.
The Volksgarden Supra uses propagation sized rooting medium, so I have it on constant feed, with tailing wicks to remove any excess dripping. With wicks, this garden waters 24/7 and not one drop of solution on the inside of the drum.

Questions?, Answers?, Problems with your family?



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Well, that's not something you see every day. That's freaking awesome!! They grow from the bottom and the go around?? That is a Jedi masters true training temple... You must need to train lots. Eh?

Good luck on flowering in there, KIG :green_heart:Cheers


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Problems with our puppy lol

Hey nice to meet Ya and to be honest I've wanted to mess with a rotary for 15 years now
Have a great week coming up

Bless you brother. We are servants to a couple of cats here. I am hoping the Egyptians were onto something, and it will pay off in the afterlife. They do give me a reason to get up in the morning, and provide pleasant distractions throughout the day, plus we have no mice, and one of them even keeps the flies down. It I can get some good video of that we might be able to retire off of the boy via youtube.

15 years ago there was only Omega Garden Inc, with the hand built Tumbleweed, with water-cooled lamps, transitioning to the first molded OmegaGarden.





These garden inspired quite a few folks for sure.

Thanks for dropping by HizzyB


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I saw an ad for one of these yesterday and was curious about it. It looks like it saves space but also looks like it would be a major pain in the ass. How many plants do you have in there?

Hey nismo12,

Thanks for dropping by.

The Supra saves space, and power. You can also stack two in just under eight foot, and you can have them on casters, so pretty versatile indeed.

All methods have pros, and cons. For a rotary grow, I think the only way you can improve on this one is if it comes with a real life growbot robot that can also do the rest of my chores.

Pretty easy, and quick to assemble. Operates with propagation sized rooting medium, so no replanting, and cheap like borscht.
It took a few minutes to string the support, and tie the plants to it. I got the zap straps, twine, and twist tie roll from Home Depot. The twist tie roll comes with a thumb operated cutter making it as easy as it can be.

The setting up is one thing, but the cleaning of this garden is a way lighter job then any of the other rotary units I have operated or seen. Costs to operate puts a smile on my face, and the small footprint in terms of both the amount of space it takes up, but also in terms of the amount of rooting medium tossed out per grow doesn't compare for a rotary grow anyway.

Got about 35/40 plants in it.



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Well, that's not something you see every day. That's freaking awesome!! They grow from the bottom and the go around?? That is a Jedi masters true training temple... You must need to train lots. Eh?

Good luck on flowering in there, KIG :green_heart:Cheers

Hi Snidrajsed,
It's not quite as magic as it might look. There is a small motor turning the drum slowly like 2 RPH give or take a few minutes. There is a watering tray at the base of the rotation that is fed from a reservoir below. The drum rotation is constant 24/7. The training was a recovery from overgrowing the garden, and there was just one tie down session. Might have to do some more to save some of the buds as they grow. Hopefully that will be the case, and I will do it with glee.



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It looks awesome but I can't see paying $2,000 for one. I would have no problem building one, in fact it would be pretty easy. Looking great though and I can't wait to see how this turns out

It is a simple idea, and the Volksgarden Supra is the least complicated of the lot, however building one might not save you much $$$ if that is the motivation, taking into consideration all things involved. If your thing is DIY, and you have the tools etc then I an see doing it. I have heard this same comment for many years, and have only seen two completed DIY systems, and both were doing in metal shops decked out with millions of dollars in machinery. Having said that I expect the Supra to point the DIYers in a new direction. Personally, I would rather spend my time with the plants over work shop, but I understand your position. I think by the time you add up your hours and $$$ spent, and if you make any errors, then the $2000 won't look too bad, considering that the one you buy it producing in the same time as you are DIYing.

At the end of the day, if this unit is as productive as I think it is going to be, the $2000 won't be an issue.


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Calculating costs to operate the Volksgarden Supra -

Average power rates in the USA @ $0.12 per kWh

Vegetative growth cycle for 21 days of 18 hours per day @ 80 watts (2 lamps) = $3.63

Flower growth cycle for 63 days of 12 hours per day @ 160 watts (4 lamps) = $14.50

40 x 1.5" propagation sized rooting medium (Stone Wool) = approx retail = $8.00

The garden uses approx 1 gallon of nutrient solution per day Gen Hydro est = $15.00 per crop

plus 10% incidentals = $4.11

Total = $45.24

The question is then = $45.24 divided by what weight? = $? per gram

The square foot surface growing area is almost 19 sq. ft.

Distance from the light source to the cylinder wall is 8.5 in.

Maximum plant capacity = 80 @ approx 34 sq in surface area per plant.

So shooting for fame, and fortune I need 5.7 grams per site if I were to max out the plant numbers. If this can be done the hard costs to grow would be 10 cents per gram. Add $1 per gram, and the garden pays for itself in one year. I think the low side could be 2/3 grams per site bumping my cost per gram to a whopping 20 to 30 cents per gram before amortization of the garden itself.

I could make my own ferts, and a reusable rooting medium by cutting plastic screen into 1.5" wide strips, and rolling it up around a wick, and cut my costs to something more like $25 per crop.




Pics show the size of the rooting medium holders, with a simple tongue, and groove attachment, held in place with plastic coated steel spring cloth pins. Note the simple wicks in each holder to assure uptake, and control dripping.


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OK, making some dumb mistakes as my exhaust fan wasn't kicking in because the T5s just didn't raise the temps high enough to trip my exhaust system, so I got a bit of cheese build up (powdery mildew). Without the air exchange my plants were deprived of the normal amount of co2 they would have had with a regular regime of cooling via exhaust...the little details. Comes in handy when looking to keep the temps low to control bugs, so I am looking forward to a summer of growing something other then spider mites.

























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Yeeesh, that's not cool... Is it possible to wash them I that contraption? Sorry to hear and see your troubles mate, is there anything you can do?


The lamp comes out in five seconds, so its not as hard to access things as it might look. I am going to try something I learned many years ago to deal with the cheese. Ya have to be careful not to turn it all into mush.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

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