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Voodo juice bacteria?! Or Grease away plus bacteria


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Ok so I'm a plumber by trade and my company carries a bacteria you can add to septic tanks and grease traps it's called grease away plus. I can not figure out what kind of bacteria is in the grease away. It is a bacteria and no other addatives. Anyone have any experience using drain cleaning bacteria in the nutrient res? I have read that some people have been using some kind of pond bacteria that cost like 6$ a bottle at Home Depot in place of. Voodoo juice. So what about this grease away plus? Ideas? Question? Concerns? Any comments welcome.

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Re: Voodo juice bacteria???! Or Grease away plus bacteria.

I would not recommend a product meant for cleaning out plumbing to replace a product meant to provide beneficial microbes..

If you want a less expensive option look into Great White


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I love voodoo juice and used it quite a bit. That was until I found Fox Farms BushDoctor microbe brew. So much less expensive, used under the same schedule as voodoo, massive root balls, a ton less $$ than voodoo.
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