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Vortex 172cfm Fan/Elf Carbon Filter Closet Installation


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Finally got my paws on all the stuff needed to vent the grow room and not a minute too soon. The temps have been hitting 88° and that floral aroma is beginning to kick in as week 3 of flowering nears completion.

Room measurement = 8ft x 2ft x 8ft = 128 cubic feet divided by 5 equals 26cfm minimum fan rating

Vortex 4" 172cfm inline fan
Elf 4" Carbon Filter, recommended max airflow: 150-265cfm
4" flexible aluminum vent duct
4" Deflect-o exhaust hood with closing lid & bird/rodent guard
4" Hose clamps, 2ft bungee cords
1 4" elbow connector (for what I don't know)
expanding foam spray

Someone in my household had voiced concern over mold developing in the attic due to the extra moisture from the grow room (they had seen this on an episode of "Holmes on Homes" where a MMJ patient's house had a serious case of mold not only in the attic, but her grow rooms themselves).

I told them that because of my cleanliness, operation being so small & wet/dry watering method I really didn't believe there should be any concern over that. Am I correct in thinking this?

I'll post pictures of the materials & attic very shortly, I'm going to head up there in a few moments to check things out.

:60:Man I hate big spiders.:60:


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Thanks for the word Boss :smokin:
I'll get up in the attic tomorrow, It got dark quick yesterday and today there were gardeners everywhere. To get up there on my side of the house you have to get a ladder and climb up to this little square locked door on the side of the house.
Heres some of the stuff. Of course when Fedex came knockin' yesterday only my fan showed up as the Elf filter was out of stock. I'm going to install what I have tomorrow anyway, at least to vent the heat. Just need to hit Lowe's in the morning for a couple more hooks & clamps.<br>


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Man, I totally blew this tutorial, apologies to anyone following. No pics were taken of the step-by-step process because with dust, drywall & insulation flying everywhere I had to do everything extremely fast since I wanted a minimal amount of crap landing on my plant buds. In addition to this, the plants were sitting outside the grow room far away from the precious HPS lumens, and I'm pretty paranoid about the whole flowering hormone/light cycle deal. Theres pictures of the finished product in my grow journal & member gallery if interested.
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