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Vote Could Be Coming On Medical Marijuana Bill


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
A vote could be coming soon on a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Illinois.

The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act passed the state Senate in May of last year. The state General Assembly adjourns on May 7, and published reports say House sponsor Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) may bring the bill to a vote in the state House of Representatives as early as Thursday.

The bill would commence a three-year pilot program allowing people suffering from certain "debilitating" illnesses to possess up to six cannabis plants. The bill limits the illnesses that would qualify for medical marijuana to cancer, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis C, glaucoma, Crohn's disease and Alzheimer's.

Under the law, medical marijuana users would have to register and hold cards, and could face two years in prison if they shared with those not legally allowed to use cannabis.

But the bill has met with stiff resistance, particularly from law enforcement groups. They have complained other states with similar laws have reported problems like increased crime around distribution sites and forged medical cards.

Some downstate law enforcement officials also say the laws prohibiting marijuana aren't stopping people from obtaining and using it, so any legalization will make the problem worse, the Southern Illinoisan newspaper reported.

Fourteen states currently have laws permitting medical marijuana, and a ballot initiative in California calls for full legalization in that state.

Technically, Illinois authorized medical marijuana in 1978. But implementation was left to the Public Health Department and it never took action, so the law has been in limbo.

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