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Vote Postponed On PV Medical Pot Dispensary

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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. -- The Paradise Valley Planning Commission postponed a vote on a proposed medical marijuana dispensary Tuesday night, but did approve amending a zoning ordinance to accommodate one.

In a contentious meeting that went until about 11:30 p.m. planners approved 4-0 the zoning amendment that revises standards and restrictions on dispensaries, including hours of operation, age restrictions and prohibiting cultivation of marijuana on the site.

Planners were also unanimous in postponing the vote on Mountain View Medical Center's request for a special-use permit to add a dispensary.

Planning commissioners said they wanted to continue to look into matters, especially the fact the dispensary would only be 80 feet from the backyards of a neighborhood.

They will take up this matter again at their next meeting April 19

Some people working near the proposed medical marijuana dispensary at Tatum and Shea boulevards don't want the weed moving in.

The opinions on the dispensary and the general feeling of "not in my backyard" were common during the meeting, but because the town was picked to have a dispensary, it has to plan for one.

With only four areas zoned for that type of business, the options are limited. In fact, only one building meets the requirement of not being close to a school, a church or youth center.

The Mountain View Medical Center owner said he applied for the license, feeling his offices would be best for the dispensary. Current tenants, however, disagree.

The owner said the business would require a card to even enter the office and will see patients by appointment only. They also will have a security guard during business hours.

They said they hope that, in time, tenants and residents will see the facility as purely medical and that it will not negatively affect those around it.

If the planning and zoning board does approves the location, the recommendation will go to the Town Council for final approval.

It will then up to the State Department of Health to license the facility.

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