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Vyserage's G-2 Soil SourDiesel & GorillaGlue #4


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Hey guys whats up, ive been meaning to get this added. Its already finished and im already 3 weeks into my new third grow which is RDWC! I had some hiccups with soil in this grow as you will see. I also discarded 2 plants of the strain CriticalKush that ended up males (those seeds were given to me for free). So here it is!

Plant 1: Sour Diesel (i think humboldt)
Plant 2: SD
Plant 3: SD
Plant 6: GG #4 (unknown breeder)

Viparspectra 600 (2 of them to cover a 4x4 tent, not nearly enough lol)

Tent size: 48x48x96

Soil: Some sort of stick heavy soil that wasn't really very much soil lol. I think it was organic too which was a mistake since i didn't want organic. In fact, this soil seemed very mulch heavy. Was like some sort of stick heavy, low potting mix, bag of shit lol.
Here's the kicker, i used the last of the good soil i had to fill 1 gallon pots to all plants. Then i used the last of what remained during the transplant to 3 gallon pots for all plants, but only had enough to finish plant #1. Plants 2/3/6 used the shitty soil i described.

This poor choice in soil unfortunately lead to a HUGE decrease in yield due to crazy high pH to the point of locking out nutrients to my roots. This issue didnt occur until flowering as you will see.

Pots: 3 gallon fabric pots.

12/12/17: Started germinating seeds at 5:30am. 3x Sour Diesel (SD) and 3x Critical Kush (CK).

12/13/17: some of the seeds show small taproots, leaving in for a bit over 24 hrs and then transferring to paper towel. Added in the remainder 2 CK seeds to attempt germination since it isn't looking good for the CK's.

12/16/17: I let the taproots grow about an inch for the 3 SD, half inch for the 2 CK, the rest (CK) didn't take soaking even for a few days. Germinated 1 GG #4 until it cracked open. Moved to paper towel and awaiting it to grow atleast a bit of a taproot before placeing it into the 1 gallon pots where i have now planted all the 5 seeds that had taproots.
Light hung 35' from top of soil, watered seedlings down entire middle of pot until small amount of runoff. will continue to water in this fashion daily or every other day.
Light schedule changed to 18/6 as 5pm ON, 11am OFF.

12/19/17: All 6 plants now have seedlings with #6 being the youngest by a few days. Will be starting day 1 of grow shortly.

12/22/17 Day 1: Lowered light to 24' from top of sprouts. Watered nutrients based on paper schedule.

12/23/17 Day 2: Pic:

12/25/17 Day 4: Watered plants plain water.

12/28/17 Day 7: Fed plants

12/31/17 Day 10: Watered plants plain water.

1/04/18 Day 14: Fed plants. Measured ppm's, 1 was over 4k, a couple over 2500 and the rest either 1900 or 2500 range. Pics taken:

1/8/18 Day 18: Watered plants. Measured ppm's ranges were 1900's to 3000's. Topped plant #2. Pics taken:

1/9/18 Day 19: Topped plants 1/3/4/5/6 down to 5th node (6th node was starting). Plant #2 has only been topped once and i did NOT remove the lower growth, this is my experimental plant to see how the yields are without removing any growth aside from topping once.

1/13/18 Day 23: Watered plants plain water.

1/16/18 Day 26: Topped plants 1/3/4/5/6 (7 days since last topping). Pics taken.

1/18/18 Day 28: Fed plants.

1/23/18 Day 33: Transplanted all plants to 3 gallon, Fed plants. Trimmed plants to let light in. Pics taken (Transplant was actually yesterday to give at least a day of shock relief from transplant since trim was today). Am not happy with the new soil as its very stick like and water seems to pass through pretty easily. Takes 4 1/2 gallons of water to water all 6 plants. outsides are dry while middle where its the other soil shows to clearly still be damp.

1/28/18 Day 38: Ran 8+ gallons of water through 4 of the plants due to 8.0 or above ph runoff, thinking this was due to the soil i used, the other 2 plants were fine. Fed the plants afterwards. I did use tap water for the flushing and it was pH'd around 6.0 range. Hopefully the chlorine in the tap doesn't trip it up too much but either way i did follow up with regular feeding/water.
Plant 1 is in the 2k ppm range, all the others are roughly 800 - 1100. Will feed again next watering.
1/29/18 Day 39: Defoliated heavily. Pics taken.

2/3/18 Day 44: Light defoliation done to let light through canopy to lower nodes. I have been doing this every couple of days or so and taking 2-3 leaves off each plant, usually only the ones blocking light.
Fed plants, pH of 5 of them was at or above 7.0 with majority being 7.6. Unsure as to why this is happening but assuming its due to the soil mix i used. Water runoff is always very dirty looking and even has a weird layer of grime that settles on top of water as it sits in water tray.
2/4/18 Day 45: After a bit of research, learned more about removing fan leafs and fear i may have removed a bit too many. Also learned taking off top canopy leafs is not good, from now on ill try to tie them/bend under. Saw for myself that the node connected to a fan leaf below it shows more growth vs its direct opposite side counterpart. Pics taken to show. Also worth noting is i noticed some nodes were fine and of equal size even with its fan leaf missing. Not very many at all of those tho. Maybe 1-3 a plant. This could easily be because it had a chance to develop its own little leaf's enough to self sustain before i chopped its fan leaf. This requires more testing! Pics Taken

2/8/18 Day 49: Added Dolomite 3Tbs to plant 1 and 3 in soil and mixed into first inch or 2, then watered all plants. Previously the PH for 5 plants was in the 7.0 to 7.6 range and are all now coming down. Water in was 6.0 to help lower pH runoff. Results
P1=6.76, P2=7.12, P3=6.87, P4=6.81, P5=7.15, P6=6.93
Last feeding was P1=6.5, P2=7.6, P3=7.6, P4=7.0, P5=7.6, P6=7.6
Next watering i will feed a couple and water the rest while keeping an eye on the pH for plant 3 in comparison to p2 (because of the dolomite added to p3, am hoping it helps lower ph).
Regarding the 'tests' of leaf node stunt, so far i have yet to notice a size difference in the sour diesel plants where i chopped and marked the nodes to watch. Giving it a bit longer. I must still test this on a very top shoot fan leaf and see if the resulting super baby nodes grow at the same pace or chopped side = stunted, this is to prove weather clipping a fan leaf while its connected node is too small to self supply VS clipping when its got little fan leafs developed so it can self supply.

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2/10/18 Day 51: string bent (didn't really bend in the sense i just tugged it down with garden string) all main cola's (6 per plant, 7 on #4) to be down below where my sour diesel is (SD is a much smaller bush vs CK & GG) so i could lower the lights to be even with both plants. Pics Taken. I did bend a few nodes coming off of main cola's, downward so they were more even with canopy.
Lowered light down to 15 inches from top canopy of plants.
Checked progress of node leaf stunt, still far too hard to tell the difference, they seem to be about the same size on both plants. Moving on to chopping a fan leaf from a node that is still very small to see how it does with self supplying as i call it.

2/12/18 Day 53: Defoliated all leafs blocking light as well as a few very large leafs, plants look great with 6 cola's per plant and plenty of nodes on each cola are nearly or already are at top canopy! Nearly every node is getting decent light or fully lighted. Raised light up 2 inches as it was now 13 inches from top canopy, now it sits at 15' again.Pics taken

2/13/18 Day 54: Fed plants 1/2/3/4, watered plants 5/6, still locking in a pH issue i was having (way too high, 7.6)and now have all the plants under 6.9. Placed 3 Tbs dolomite in plants 2/4/5/6 as it seems to help growth somewhat. Noticed some of the taller plants had light green stripes on newer growth (calmag def. i believe), the dolomite will definitely help. I'll also now being adding calmag to all normal waterings (1/2 tsp).

2/16/18 Day 57: Trimmed off a decent amount of leaf's from all plants, like a pre pre-trim lol. Still plenty of leafs left on all plants.

2/18/18 Day 59: Pre-Flower Trim complete. Pics taken.

2/19/18 Day 60: Fed plants, recorded ph/ppm values. At 11am, i turned off lights for 36hrs dark period.

2/20/18 dark period: 11pm-Turned lights back on set at 11pm on to 11am off.

2/21/18 Flower Day 1: Light raised to 18' from top of canopy, video taken.

2/25/18 F-Day 5: Watered all plants.

2/26/18 F-Day 6: Defoliated pretty heavily across all plants. Pics/vid taken. I was not at all happy with how very bushy and light blocking the plants had become so instead of waiting until day 21, i defoliated now and will do so again on d-21. You can see from the pics there are still PLENTY of leafs left and i expect it wont hurt it any if at all. I can see all plants appear to be female, glad i left them in 36hrs darkness cause i see by day 6 you can identify them. Light measured from top of tallest = 16'. I'm good with 16' for now, especially since they aren't so wide just yet.

2/28/18 F-Day 8: Pics taken. P4 (CK) confirmed to be male. Tossed, down to 5 plants :(

3/03/18 F-Day 11: Fed all plants, readings:
p1 ph=6.81 ppm=1712
p2 ph=7.19 ppm=1516
p3 ph=7.16 ppm=1615
p6 ph=7.42 ppm=1890

3/04/18 F-Day 12: Pics:

3/12/18 F-Day 20: Nothing has changed, 3 plants still clearly light green and 1 shows purpleing tips & outer leaves leading me to believe its P deficiency due to 7.1+ pH. I didn't want to but i decided to replant plant #2 (Sour Diesel) by shaking off all the old soil that i suspect is the culprit (1 gallon of it was my good soil so luckily it had a 'base' of roots/soil that i wouldn't need to disturb further in). I placed into new soil i suspect will do much better. Video taken of the process. Watered that plant ph'd 6.3 water, out came 6.5, very happy with that out water but it is still early. The plant will hopefully survive the shock of this degree and if it does, ill do the same to the other 2 plants.

3/13/18 F-Day 21: Heavy defoliation done to the healthy Plant #1, many buds exposed to light now. Fed plant #1 only, haven't watered remaining plants due to possibly transferring tonight/tomorrow.

3/14/18 F-Day 22: Transplanted #3/6, all 3 problem plants have been placed into new soil. P1 still looks great. After watering the new soil, pH was at a nice 6.5's range, very happy with that. P2 that has been in new soil for over a day looks like it may be slightly darker than the rest, hoping it improves more. Watered all plants plain water to 'reset' the watering schedule to the same days. ppm on new soil is at a nice 1400 and 1600. pics taken.
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3/16/18 F-Day 24: Defoliated plant #2 as it was just too bushy and no light getting in. Tied limbs outwards to let in more light to middle. did this despite its health recovery. The other 2 plants that were transplanted definitely show signs of deficiency but this could be because its still recovering, for now ill be keeping a close eye on them.
Defoliated a little to plant #1. Plant to heavy defoliate #3 & 6 when i see some health improvement. Pics taken.

3/17/18 F-Day 25: P2 health seems to be increasing (side by side pics taken). Defoliated all plants. Bent P1 to be even canopy with its lower nodes, looks great! Pics taken.



3/21/18 F-Day 29: The 3 transplanted plants don't look good at all. Very pale fan leaf's, afraid there aren't anymore left to lose, the remainder leafs are sugar leafs. Posting pics on forums for support on weather to leave them be or chop them when sugar leaf's start turning yellow and harvest what i can out of it. The 1 perfectly healthy plant is doing great and smells great! Even 1 of the pale plants smells really good!
Its obvious to see that the roots aren't eating anything and so its taking the nutrients it needs for bud growth from the fan leafs.

DAY 40: This is the last day of pics i have as at this point i no longer cared and just wanted to be done so i could start my RDWC for next grow.

Harvest: Plants all made it but all the unhealthy plants clearly show in this grow that not taking the right care of a plants soil hurts yields big time.

Total Dry Weight after curing for 2-3 weeks:
P1 SD: 62g (This was the one healthy plant entire grow. 6 colas, bent down towards lower growth)
P2 SD: 27.25g (2 Colas, nicknamed the wild-ling, topped once and never lolipopped)
P3 SD: 29.88 (6 colas, even canopy but not bent down towards lower growth.
P4 GG#4 : 31.79 (6 colas, even canopy, lower growth grew at same height.
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And thats a wrap! Hope u guys enjoy the read haha. Its interesting to run into these problems and learn first hand. Theres no better teacher. Horrible if you lose your plants though.

*Keep an eye on the soil you use
*Keeping light too close results in very short plants which doesn't give your plants the stretch they deserve to have more space to grow bigger flowers. I feel if i had kept it more along 24' for the beginning, i would have had an increased yield.
*You can beat the shit out of your soil/roots and transplant it. Your plants should survive but its definitely going to take a heavy toll for a good while (like 1-3 weeks) and will most definitely affect yields. Likely less so if in veg.

Love sour d thats my trade strain
Im enjoying it but i feel like it takes alot to get me to the point where i dont feel the need to pick up the pipe again. I'll have to try growing it again when i've mastered hydro. I'm very much looking forward to the Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel and Superglue i have baking in my rdwc right now :3 in fact ill likely start the journal tomorrow while today is day 19 in it (veg) :D
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