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W01fm4n's Grow - Random Seeds


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Hey Guys, this is my first attempt at growing our lovely friend's. i decided i would post here and show my setup once i get it complete for actual production. The seeds i started from were from a bag of green that a roommate had boughten, so strain details are extremely limited. from what i know the weed is about a 10%-15% THC Strain. I can also tell from the smoke that it is pure or mostly Sativa strain. As of right now my grow setup is still in progress but i will explain it. Starting the seed's was purely scientific to see if i could get them to sprout and grow. so here is where i am at after about 2 weeks. they spent a week in a paper towel in a bag in window, then i transfered them to the pots they are in. They are in a organic potting soil at the moment. and these hopefully 1 lady preference on both being beautiful ladies. Here are my pics of my plants as of today.



Let me know what you think... I appreciate all feedback on my grow. Thanks for checking this out. HIGH TIMES on the way!!! :peace2: :tokin: :slide:


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Re: w01fm4n's grow, random seeds

Alright, now for the second post. LOL here is my grow setup that i will end up using in the end.

I am using a wood box made from plywood. One side will be hinged for access point. Dimensions are 8ft.x4ft.x4ft. You can use a Horizontal Setup or a Vertical Setup. The Enclosure needs to be split in two, one is a vegetation chamber, and the other is a flowering chamber. This prevents Young plants from becoming pollinated, by the Flowering plants. I will be explaining the Horizontal Setup as that is what I am using. After you complete your setup you want to either get a can of white paint or some Mylar covering, that why you can paint/cover your walls with Mylar. This will help with lighting down the line, as the white will reflect some of it back to the plants, the Mylar is a special type of wall lining that will be more reflective then paint, but in a pinch paint will do the job.
Ok, now that your enclosure is setup. We need to start cutting holes in the wood for HVAC, Power, Mounting, Monitors, and Plumbing.
- HVAC — These holes need to be no bigger than the outlet on the fan. All they need to do is let air in and push air out. I would put one on both sides of the main enclosure and then put the other on the top or back. That way you can get a good air flow across your plants.
- Power — I would install a surge protected power strip inside the enclosure at the top to plug everything into and to keep the moisture to a minimum on the strip. Then all you have is that one line running out of your enclosure which will reduce unwanted air intake/exhaust. They still do need to have a small hole to run the line or lines out of the enclosure. Once all the lines that are going through that hole. Seal it as best you can. Wood putty. They make sealers for that specifically but that will increase the cost.
- Mounting — self explanatory you will have to have mounting for the light. Preferably on a setup you can raise and lower as if you do you the T5 HO Light setup. They can be within 2in. of the plant due to lack of heat. Giving you the best light output throughout your plant's growth. As well as mounting monitoring sensors and such.
- Plumbing — This is going to be 2 holes one for incoming one for outgoing. Should be no bigger than the line you are using.

Lights —
As previously stated my setup is going to use the Quantum T5 HO 8 Bulb 515w light. These lights are Fluorescent and there are skeptics about them but I have used them in the past and they do produce enough Lumens for your plants. Your setup can use the Metal Halide (MH), or High Pressure Sodium (HPS), but in this setup your space is limited so heat has to be taken into effect. We don't need to be burning our babies...
Light Bulbs —
Continuing with using the Fluorescent setup, we are going to have 16 individual bulbs for this setup. 8 "Red" 2700k Bulbs for Flowering Phase and 8 "Blue" 6500k Bulbs for Vegetation Phase. At the same time on the outside set of bulb sockets will be the opposite of the spectrum I am trying to get. Where as if in my Flowering Chamber I will have 6 "Red" 2700k bulbs in the middle 6 bulb sockets, and 2 "Blue" 6500k on the outside just to provide that spectrum to my plants. And I will have 2 "Red" 2700k Bulbs in my vegetation chamber, in the same setup on the outside, just for full spectrum lighting in both chambers.

Air control will be kept with one intake and one exhaust fan per chamber. Remember we don't need a wind storm in here. Just enough air movement to remove the used air that our babies have used, and to put more air in there for our babies to use. I will probably use 2.5in. To 3in. Fan's. Do not interconnect the HVAC between chambers you can then get contamination of pollen in your growth chamber. This can force pre mature flowering.

Hydroponic System —
As stated in the diagram, I will be using a NFT (Nutrient Film Technique). This setup is used more in Commercial hydroponics. I will not recommend a specific setup, Hydroponic, or otherwise. This is up to you entirely. I used this technique in a college horticulture class and I love this setup.
Explaining my setup if you should decide to use the NFT system. It is not that hard of a setup as people make it out to be. All you need is a tank, water pumps, and plumbing. This is a bare setup. I will also add Fish tank air stones to my reservoir to mix my solution in the tank. The Tank is your Reservoir for your water and nutrient mixture. Then you have standard water pumps, pump into the channels. The Channels need to be set a small degree of incline to insure proper flow of your water. No more than 3-5 Degrees. Gravity will do its job and help you out. Then you setup a return channel connecting your main flowing channels together then have 1 return line back to your tank. There for creating an endless loop for your water to flow.
There are many options you have to choose from, so do what research you need to find what setup will work right for you.
Monitoring —
Here is another expensive initial investment. You will need.
- PH Tester — Test 2x Daily. If PH is not neutral or close, in your water you can burn your root structure, or you can prevent your roots from being able to absorb nutrients due to being alkaline or acidic.
- Nutrient Testing equipment — This is important and not cheap. You want a system that checks everything down to trace elements in your solution. Starting out you can skimp a little, but make sure you get a decent one. If your nutrients are not close to what your babies need then they will not produce like you want them to.
- Air Temp and Humidity — Air temp is important and you want to control it as best you can. I am growing indoors with hydroponics so I can grow all year long. I don't have seasonal harvests; I will have many harvests throughout the year this way. Humidity needs to be regulated, due to electronics, and you don't want to have your babies taking in too much water. Rather it is from the roots or Foliage intake.

Sorry for the way it's explained a friend wanted to know my setup so i typed this up for them to get my setup.


Any Questions feel free to ask. :peace2:


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Re: w01fm4n's grow, random seeds

Also forgot to mention i will be using the Sea of Green grow method.


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Re: w01fm4n's grow, random seeds

Hey Guys and Gals, a small update. Out of my two plants that are growing. The one on the right is pushing fans out which is great. The one on the left, i noticed was rooting only along the top edge of the soil, so i set her in with some depth so i am hoping that her roots will push down here shortly and her fans will start pushing out. :peace2:



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Re: w01fm4n's grow, random seeds

Well a update... as of sometime today. A cat my roommate has got into my room and chewed my plants up... so they are dead... as incomplete as this grow is.. so i am on the search for seeds or clones. Do not want to go through a seed bank for them. Don't really want that much light on me.. :peace:

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Sorry for the loss of your plants. :sorry:

Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

Don't forget to head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too! :cheer:

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