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Hello fellow 420's, I'm new to the forum. :439:

I live in Hamilton, Ontario (City of magnificent trails and waterfalls - and sometime terrible water depending who you ask). I'm a recreational smoker, and by that I mean, I smoke whenever I can. I'm not a medical marijuana user, I would like to be, like to be smoking their strains that is. I've never grown my own weed, I don't live in my own house, otherwise I would've, and hope to one day grow my own buds.

I still cant get over the fact it's the year 2011 and we still have to effing buy our weed in secrecy like we are criminals or smoke our blunts in hiding like we are some heroin addicts, it truly blows to be living in such times of ignorance.

Anyway, the forum looks great and looking forward to meeting other toker's in the area, and exchanging ideas with users across the forum.

Happy burning, and please don't stop learning & educating.


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Welcome to 420Magazine. I hope you enjoy your stroll around the forums…:smokin:

MV... :popcorn:


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hello i am a new member as well. i live in colorado where i am a fly fishing guide. it is a great state to be in if u want to smoke weed. we have tons of dispensaries! i use weed for medicinal purposes as well as recreationally. i am just starting to cook with marijuana and so far have had mixed results. hopefully i can get more info here.
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