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Waiting for buds, or insanity?


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I have a little couriosity that I haven't seen explained before, maybe it's not that unusual, but thought I'd bring it up now 'cause it might help folks harvest bigger buds:>)

This crop is grown about 200 miles N. of SF, CA. in same type weather conditions (The coldest winter I experienced was summer in SF etc.>)

From clones, the lights are on at night 12/12 6PM-6AM (for warmth, nights=35-45F) average 65-100% humity, days=45-60F. 5x6x6 area, hydro, FF nutes,1KW HPS.

OK, when the plants are getting close to harvest and the trics are 70-80% brown and we're thinkin' maybe tomorrow we'll harvest, then the next day when we go to see how they've faired over day. There's new hairs! The trics are still crystal clear so not too worried about them at this point so I say OK leave 'em a while longer. they go from 1 1/2 " diam. to 3-4" diam buds in a ferw days all white again and occationally the colas grow eye stalks or arms of slender small buds, This after 3 of these regrowths and trics are still clear. I usually get bored at this point 12 weeks, wonder how big they'd get if I let 'em go?

I used to harvest at the first coloration, but since I been letting them reflower(?) I receive many compliments.

Is this normal, I ask because if it's normal this could be why folks aren't satisfied with their crop?>)


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Some people will harvest too early so they may not get great yields or it could be because of growing conditions, but it is normal for the buds to get bigger like this pretty close to harvest.
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