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Wally - First Grow - LED - Black Jack x 2 Pure Power Plant x 2 - 5x5 Tent - Coco


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5x5 Vivosun Tent
4 Mars Hydro 300w
6 inch Vivosun fan and Carbon Filter

Cutting Edge Solutions Nutrient Line
Micro - 5ml/Gal
Grow - 10ml/Gal
Bloom - 5ml/Gal (Veg Phase) 10ml/Gal (Transition) 15ml/Gal(Bloom)
Uncle John's Blend 10ml/Ga
Bulletproof - 1ml/Gal
Sugaree up to 15ml/Gal(Bloom)

CaliMagic 5ml/Gal

I received the seeds by mail on 4-20-17, fitting day to say the least. I put them in a cup of RO water for 24 hours, tapped them, they all sank. Placed them into a wet paper towel in a zip lock bag, left open for air, in darkness for another 24 to 48 hours. Placed the sprouted seeds into Solo cups filled with Ocean Forest soil. Saw nothing for another 48 hours and then hello!!! Baby girls standing up. Being a new grower, I made the common mistake of overwatering them, but soon got the hang of it, judging by the weight of the cups and the soil would appear dry. I used the EDYN sensor and placed it into it's own soil filled solo cup. After 2weeks of just RO water feedings, transplanted them into 3 gal smart pots and began feeding Nutes around 150-250PPM. My dumbass was really REALLY NERVOUS the day of the TRANSPLANT, it was 100 degrees F....I did it outdoors because I was concerned they needed the light, but SUN is way too much, AMBIENT light would have been better. I confused the Strains during transplant, not really sure to this day which is which. But I think PPP is a faster flower plant and it is the MONSTER in growth.

I used 1 light to start and added another 1 every 2 weeks(from when they were in 3gal pots). I replaced the existing MARS HYDRO hanging wires with ZIP Ties, which gave me the length of stock wire(about a foot) available to me in height if needed during grow.

I increased Nutes every 2 weeks by about 250PPM. After watching many YOUTUBE vids and reading many forums, I conclude that not many plants out there need much more than a 1000PPM, 1500PPM Max.I fed them by hand for the first month or so, drain to waist, checking runoff. I was concerned about some random leaves showing signs of deficiency strange brown spots, which look like water burn from foliar spraying....which I stopped doing after first month. I thought for the longest time I had an insect issue.....but turns out some leaves just spot up, and maybe a PH issue as well. I did use the Cutting Edge Solutions Plant Amp(Calcium) and Plant Mag(Magnesium) supplements....but for a new grower like me....I could never wrap my head around the whole, PH drops but only temporary as written on the website when Plant Amp is added. So I switched to CaliMagic....I read much about it....seems better suited than CalMag+.

I struggled with temps in my garage at first...hot where I live...often reaches 100F. I installed a portable AC Unit and created a Port for the ducting to blow into tent and exhaust out garage wall. I keep my tent with negative pressure constantly...it helps kill flying insects(for some reason they hate being sucked upwards), also keeps odor down to a minimum. I open the tent daily because, well....I am an excited NEW FATHER of 4 healthy sweet Ladies. But I also know, FROM EXPERIENCE...the less you fuck with them(keeping door open), the better they will be. When they were in VEG...I would zip myself in the tent look them over, checking leaves, pulling leaves with spots....check under microscope, never saw any movement. While in the tent the CO2 would register really high...but is my understanding that CO2 is effective for plants between 500PPM and 2000PPM(MAXIMUM). I topped the plants many times each and tied the main stems down, sometimes using Super Cropping technique. On 2 occasions while encouraging the stems to lay down I split the stalks about 2 inches or so, taped them up and tied them up using rope from light hangers. Each of the 2 plants that got split, Both recovered.

DFW- Don't( or Didn't) Fuck With...........plants...Many of my daily journal entries say just those LETTERS.

When I thought I had an insect issue, I used Organicide Plant Doctor....like people said, does make your plants stink like fish for a while, but I tell you what......the PLANTS loved that stuff. Only used it the one time.

I chose to grow in COCO because...well...it gives the grower more control over the nutrients the plant can receive and is TOTALLY FORGIVING FOR OVERWATERING like a NEW GROWER DOES!!!!! I went with Home and Garden Tupur, has a nice PERLITE Ratio. The 2 cubic feet bag fills the 3 gallon pots enough for the 4 plants. NOTE: Coco requires additional CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM.....douse it with CALMAG before transplant. Also add at least 2ML per gallon during feeds to satisfy the COCO's inherent CALMAG appetite. I also added HYDROTON to the top as well. Hydroton helps disperse the water during feeding and keep moisture out of the sensory perception of say GNATS. After the first month or so, I fed them through a drip system, took about another month to find the drip emitter which feeds in perfect portions. I went with 6 inch drip HALO. Just keep any eye out every other feeding to ensure proper function. It is recommended to install an inline valve or manifold because each plant will consume different amounts.

I have a 17 gallon RES which I fill to about 12 gallons for feeding. Due to high heat in garage went with water chiller keeps RES at about 71Degrees F....I have fed once a day for about a minute.....sometimes more allowing some runoff and letting plant suck up nutrients from the bottom then use a shop vac to remove runoff and feed outdoor watermelon plant..LOL. After mixing fresh NUTRIENT RES.....I PH to 5.8 and Feed immediately....due to Aeration(air stone), Silica(from Bulletproof), the PH will rise over 48 HOURS before remaining stable, hence during that time is critical to check PH before feed. Every other RES change I will flush with 1/4 STENGTH NUTES and RO Water. I bought 2 17 Gallon containers for Reservoir one being used, other is clean for change out. I use a Badminton racket to mix RES..haha.

If I am forgetting to mention something, forgive me. I only just taught myself to grow WEED back in May of 2017.

I read about red lights initiating flower and watched GROWMAU5 videos on the subject. I realize the lights have to be FAR RED in the 700NM range. But I am a cheap mofo., so I bought red LED flood lights from Walmart. Do they work, I don't know for sure. My dumbass had them on during light hours and well I think I confused the plant, so I only turn them on right as the other ones go off to simulate dusk and they only run for 20 mins.

What was once my smallest plant is now competing to be the biggest in the garden. You never know. They all seem to be doing really well. I am going to increase their feed time since flower time is my understanding they become more hungry. I am also awaiting a 315w GC LEC, which will be added for the last 4 weeks of Flower time.


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So it's back to March not "Back to Dec",haha


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Hey High420Tech
I will take a front seat for this grow. :ganjamon:
A good idea is to buy the jiffy pots to start your grow with easy transplant and hard to overwater.

Good growing. :rollit:


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I do 6 on 2 off in veg. I had a friend put her plant out in April and finished by July the light schedule increased as it ripened
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