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Wanna make some thc capsules


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I already know how to make the capsules, that is pretty
I even have my own tray.
But it seems i have to order empty capsules
from the usa b/c i can't find them around here.
I have tried searching for a canadian site
that sells them, but to no avail.

Any canucks here go to health food stores or anything
like that?
I don't think the average drug store up here would carry something
like that.

If you could tell me where i could get some, it would be muchly
appreciated, and would save me quite a bit of cash and import
fees ect.



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I've just been using capsules I had from cranberry pills, from when I had to pass drug tests.. I just untwist, pour the cranberry stuff out, and thc goodness in and swallow.. So far its been working fine. But where I'm at in america its like 2 or 3$ for a good size bottle..
Hopefully that helps :bong:
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