Wanna match on a blunt with the new guy?


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Um...yeah haha. I'm Ryan:rollit:. I'm from the Bay Area in California. I like to burn, drink, burn, burn, roll, burn, and chill. I also enjoy skating. Let's talk?


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Hi Ryan, Let's get started! :passitleft:
Good start brother.
Welcome to the 420Magazine forums. :welcome:
And thank you for joining us.
Do call this friendly and informative place home.
Questions? Just ask.
I'll see you here.


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Hey I am new here too from the hills of California. Welcome! :grinjoint:


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Welcome to 420, :welcome:such a peaceful and informative site.

You've found a very helpful site, well versed in knowledge about growing, legalization, medical uses, and even info on cooking with herb!

And the most helpful MODs you've ever met! Just ask one or any member here for guidance! :thumb:

The home Page is divided into Forums with Topic Titles. Those Forums are divided into THREADS, and those THREADS are divided into POSTS. You started a THREAD in the Forum INTRODUCE YOURSELF and the replies are additonal POSTS in your THREAD.
I wish someone had explained that to me my first day.

Have you met the loveily Bay Area Stoner???

Peace :peacetwo:
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