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Want to switch to 100% organic


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I'm a newb grower, I thought FF trio was organic, now I find out its not 100% organic but uses some organic ingredients.

So I want to switch to a 100% organic nutes for my next generation... EJ seems to be the most popular but they have LOTS of products. What are the basics, just the veg and bloom? Is anything else essential? I mix my FFoF soil with dolomite lime so the cal / mag should not be necessary. Any comments are appreciated.


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EJ Microblast is one you may want also, I use it with every feeding. Ran EJ grow and bloom in the past, my EJ grow was rancid smelling so I tossed it. I did well with EJ just got tired of always having a bubbling bucket of "poo" in my area, switched to Age Old Organics liquid with no smell, no pre-bubbling, and good results.


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Maer, I started a thread back in September when I switched over to Age Old at 420 Magazine ® . A guy was even nice enough to make up a chart

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You don't have to bubble EJ products, bubbling is just a better way to go about it.. You would get better results if you bubbled your AO too.... bubbling is to oxygenate the water and to activate the micro life faster then just mixing it in.... Bubbling is a choice, not a necessity.. You should use your organic mix within 24-48 hours of mixing..


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I bubble my AO an hour or so before feeding to add the Oxygen to the mix.


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want to have the best harvest of your life....use subcools supersoil and then feed with acct teas with earthjuice catalist,guanos and worm castings.

supersoil cost for ammendments was 93 bucks and this was all the ammendments

I have made 2 1/3 batches and get enough supersoil for 15 - 20 5 gallon supersoil pots...where you fill the pot half full.

Best...biggest....most budsites I have ever had....

>1/3 Batch (4 cubic feet)

2.7 - Large bags (1.5 cubic ft. ea) of High quality Organic soil with Mycorrhizae
(i.e. Roots Organic)

8-16 lbs. Worm Castings
1.7 lbs. Steamed Bone Meal (0-10-0)
1.7 lbs. Bat Guano (Fruit Bat)
1.7 lbs. Blood Meal
1# Rock Phosphate
1/4 cup Epsom Salts
1/3 cup sweet lime (dolomite powder)
1/3 Cup Azomite (Trace Elements)
2 tsp. Powdered Humic Acid

easy easy grow....just add water till second week of flowering then add teas to ramp up flowering. Oh I used some hygrozyme for root ball growth but thats it.



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If you dont aerate your earthjuice catalyst it can be as low as 4 ph...thats a whole lot to adjust with ph up. Bubble it for 36 hours and it will need a little phdown...much better. I do mine with happyfrog high P guana, wormcastings if its in flower. The plants love that stuff.

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want to have the best harvest of your life....use subcools supersoil and then feed with acct teas with earthjuice catalist,guanos and worm castings.

THAT, right there is 420% correct.:thumb::goodjob:

EJ and amended mixes is just beyond anything you have experienced.



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I have a room full of plants in supersoil. This stuff is sooo easy. I dont even worry about phing my water anymore. I just add 1/4 teaspoon phdown. There is enough dolomite in the soil to bring it where it needs plus the microbes in the soil take care of it.

I also had issues b4 switching to supersoil. Burning the plant with nutes or haveing ph lockout. Haveing to test runnoff and only getting OK results sucked. Now I get giant plants that explode when their metabolism kicks in. Sooo many budsites. Even the lower buds that I would usually make into edibles or BHO get bigger and become nice nuggets of goodness.

You will not have to feed anything but water if ya want but I like to make these act microbial compost teas with earthjuice catalyst and guanos. The plants love them. Its is very possible to burn your plants with the teas when useing such strong soil but you will have to be careless. I just make them one or 2 times durring flowering. Try a 1/3 batch of supersoil. It only costs 100 for the ammendments and its easy. Made growing easy and such a blast. Plus how many do you know that can say its 100% organic. Makes it taste so good.


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go with the subcool soil and the shit teas.

I've talked with guys who use it or a similar such thing, they talk of healthier plants, bigger buds, better resin production and even slightly faster finish times.
I have yet to try it as its mostly an indoor thing. one thing most do is have their own worm bin and make their own worm castings from household food scraps and such and dont even worry if the worms get in with the plants as they keep the soil working and eat up organics you put in.

Thats funny you say that. I just came from the worm farm. I am looking into getting a worm bin.....too funny. I get awesome castings just down the road for 12 bucks for 5 gallon bucket full. Fine grade castings for 12 6 bucks for grade #2 with bigger pieces and a few worms with it. Plus I get fresh free range chicken eggs at the same place.


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I have thought about going organic with my garden but I'm almost there already because I don't use synthetic insecticides.
But here's the deal, My garden is in the house I live in, so the idea of having bat guano teas, manure and other organic supplements under the same roof and 25 feet away from my kitchen concerns me. I don't want friends or family getting sick from being exposed to the kind of bacteria found in decomposing animal waste.
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I just wanted to touch on a couple earlier comments.... I have found out that Not ALL of Earthjuice products are Organic....

Microblast is not
Meta K is not

Grow, bloom and Micro are.....

Just a FyI!!


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ok well i know not all are in favor of these nutes high pricing, propaganda, or what ever your gripe may be this isnt a post about that. this is just a list that i know of that are advanced nutrients organic products. all others will have some sort of synthetic substance.

Base : organic iguana juice grow/bloom

organic B1

benificial microbes : taranchula , piranha, voodoo juice


grandma enggy's - F1 - H2

bud ignitor

bud factor x

bud candy


i priced all this out at about $600 from my local hydro store... i dont work for them and im not promoting them so please dont flame me, i just knew about this info and wanted to share it so anyone who does use there product understands whats what.
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