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Wanting to check knowledge for future grow


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Okay, I am hoping to someday grow, although for now I am just reading everything I can about cannabis cultivation... I'd like to list the setup I am going to shoot for, and see if my choices are decent before I spend even a penny on anything.

I am pretty determined to do a small grow, just for myself, here is the hardware I am considering.
1. ~2'x3'x5' grow tent
2. ~250w (actual watts) LED light (either Growblu 120x3w or Kind K3 L450 depending on 'things')
3. 5 gallon equivalent (3.3g actual) Air Pots
4. 60/40 or 50/50 coco coir/perlite grow medium
5. Biobizz BioGrow, BioBloom, and Root Juice (wanting to KISS at first, with these nutes on the BioBizz schedule 1/4 strength, watching for deficiencies, epsom salt around week 3 if needed)
6. Phresh 200cfm 4" filter, 190cfm VenTech inline fan to match, speed controller (?is it needed?), 4-6" articulating fan for movement within the tent
7. 20/4 light schedule, and I'll be able to check on them AT LEAST twice a day, if not just hang out with them.

I plan on growing Dutch Passion autos, probably starting with AutoBlueberry and AutoDurban Poison. I have read everything I can find on topping, FIMing, mainlining, LST, although I only plan on LST to maximize yeild in the space. I plan on 2 plants at a time, at least at first, on a Feed - Dry - Water - Dry - repeat schedule. I will be keeping the temp steady around 80, humidity I hope to keep between 40-45.

I'm going to have sticky traps for flying insects, diatomaceous earth for crawlies, and maintain a sparkling clean environment for my future babies.

One thing I am wondering...
Since I will be using AirPots, I don't expect much root trouble, but should I add something like Voodoo Juice to my list of things to get?

I do not plan on starting until I can acquire all of the equipment, I don't like doing anything halfway... I am a actual OCD, which I have turned into serious attention to detail. How does my plan look? What do you folks think my odds are for first time success? Thank you very much for taking the time to look this over!
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