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Wanzenried Addresses Missoula Marijuana Meeting


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MISSOULA- Lawmakers say that with two weeks left in the legislative session, it's not too late to weigh in on the medical marijuana issue.

House Bill 161, which focuses on repeal of the Montana Medical Marijuana Act is sitting on Governor Brian Schweitzer's desk. But Senate Bill 423, which aims to reform the current law, is still stuck in the House.

Senator Dave Wanzenried spoke at the Cannabis Expo at the University of Montana over the weekend and told the group that it's time to contact your representatives. He said hearing from people does make a difference.

Wanzenried says he's spent a lot of time on these bills and he doesn't think repeal is the way to go.

"I think that what we need to do is revise the system so we have proper regulation over the industry to make sure that any abuses that are out there are remedied. The way the Legislature is drafted now, the only person that benefits from this is the state. There's no benefit to the patients, there's not benefit to the care givers, and frankly, there won't be a grow industry anymore left in the state if these bills pass," Wanzenried commented on Sunday.

The Democrat added that the public should get involved in the issue because it's a matter of "public policy". He urged those who feel strongly about the subject to send an email, letter, or call their representative in Helena.

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