War declared on u.s. Citizens!


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After being ordered by President Obama to "stand down" against LEGAL cannabis users and caregivers within their own states... (not sure this holds water much considering the HUGE BOOST in "drug war" budgeting for the next year) the D.E.A. has decided to DECLARE ALL OUT WAR on LAW-ABIDING U.S. citizens!! Whats worse is, these particular citizens are often times the SICKEST and most physically NEEDY in our society. Cancer patients, M.S., Fibromyalgia... the list goes on. Often the "CRIMINALS" the D.E.A. is going after are simply good people in bad pain.

The states have begun to legalize medical cannabis, and the PEOPLE have begun to speak out about the rediculousness of this "war on drugs", and it's complete lack of any sort of positive outcome. The common sense approach to cannabis' theraputic abbilities has finally begun to outweigh the ignorance, and each new medical study released only seems to REINFORCE it's amazing effects for those in pain.

This WAR ON U.S. CITIZENS has not lowered our national drug addiction rates for one simple reason: addiction cases belong in the MEDICAL SYSTEM, not the CRIMINAL SYSTEM. Quite simply put, when you put an addict in the penal system, they don't typically come out as better members of society. Instead of getting the MEDICAL help they need for addiction, they are instead thrown in with VIOLENT criminals, where they have to learn to BECOME violent to SURVIVE. Now, when they are released, they are not only addicts, but violent criminals as well. This is the basic premise as to why the "war on drugs" is a massive failure. It also explains why a city like Amsterdam has one of the lowest addiction rates in the world. It treats its addicts where they SHOULD be treated... in a medical facility instead of a prison.

Unfortunately for the D.E.A. and thousands of county sherriffs across the country, they just can't seem to get over their OWN addictions. Yes... addictions. The D.E.A. and other law enforcement officals have become ADDICTED to the raids, the confiscations... the $$MONEY$$ and $$KICKBACKS$$ they were getting by arresting innocent cannabis users. If you think those guys weren't gettin HUGE holiday bonuses off of poor "Mr. Cannabisuser's" house that they confiscated, (he was only growing for personal use), well...lets just say Sherriff Bob's kids had a real good Christmas.

It's time for the HIPPIE generation to take the wheels of this nation, and make common sense cannabis laws. If the D.E.A. and other law enforcement officials aren't careful, they are liable to PISS OFF THE VOTING MAJORITY across the nation. While a few white-haired, ANCIENT legislators and EXTREME religious right folks are doing a whole lot of yelling and screaming, they are NOT the majority. The MAJORITY of voters today come from the WOODSTOCK generation, and know the truth and lies about cannabis. Today I read that in my state (Colorado) a county had a very difficult time seating a jury in a case against a LEGAL cannabis grower. The reason they had such a hard time seating a jury was because MOST OF THE JURY POOL WERE PRO-MARIJUANA!!!

Federal and county officials better be careful how much they step on the rights of the people, or the PEOPLE might just LEGALIZE IT COMPLETELY out of SPITE!! (God I hope so.)

Yours truly.... One Happy Hippie :ganjamon:
Re: War declared on u.s. Citizens!!

well said, great post! thanks +reps to you!
Re: War declared on u.s. Citizens!!

"The reason they had such a hard time seating a jury was because MOST OF THE JURY POOL WERE PRO-MARIJUANA!!!"
And this is the easiest way to fight the system is get involved with the system. Get on these juries. It only takes one person to hang a jury, I know, I've done it. So if you care about this issue register to vote so you will be called for jury duty and then make a difference in atleast one person's life. If this is done enough eventually the district attorneys will quit filing these charges because they just can't win.
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