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Warehouse Growing

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I was just wondering, what are the regulations of this?
I am renting from a warehouse owner, and I was wondering if it is legal for me to grow in there, though I am not the owner, only renter. I could get documentation from him stating it is okay for me to grow in there as long as I am within my legal limits and comply to the medical marijuana laws.
Each city has their own guidlines. Check with the city you're in. And if you're renting just be discreet. As long as you're not screwing up the warehouse you should be fine with the landlord. I wouldnt bring up what I did..
Its not legal in California.
You will get away with it for about a year or two.
Then you will go to jail, and loose all of your property.

People think that MMJ is legal in California - and it is supposed to be, but the cops and DA disregard the law whenever they want to. Make the arrest, charge with multiple felonies, confiscate all your property and money then force you to spend $20,000 in legal fees to prove your innocence.

Voters don't matter in this state. We voted for a definition of 'marriage' a few years ago - over turned by a judge that just knows better than us. We voted for fair MMJ laws too - but, the powers that be know whats best for us.

California is NOT a MMJ friendly state. Be careful.