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Warning! Cheap lighters - Read more


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Everyone!!! Hey, thanks for checking this out.... I just found out something tonight that may help save some injuries in the future.... Watch out for the Cheap plastic clear lighters, the kind with the adjustable flame and a squareish shape.

Me and my buddy were blazing tonight...our bowl was cashed and I reached over to my ashtray, right in front of my buddy, and gave the bowl a tap with the cheap plastic lighter. (was actually given to me by a local dispensary)
Now I didn't Chuck Norris the bowl or anything, just gently tapped the bowl with the lighter to knock out the ash...and the lighter exploded right in my buddy's face!!!!! Luckily no plastic shrapnel was released, however, the gas burned my buddy's face, almost like a wind burn, from the freezing cold gas release!!!!

Just be careful everyone and use bic lighters or djeep's but stay away from those cheap plastic ones.....my buddy was very close to having somthing much worse happen...


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Not to mention the fact that when you are using a butane lighter, you are sucking the burnt butane as well....


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I bought a cheap clear plastic lighter just as Icemud describes while on vacation once. After about 5 days, it literally exploded in my pocket. I had just gotten dressed and was headed out the door when I thought of something I'd forgotten and stopped suddenly, turning as I did so.

BANG! Something fluttered against my thigh and I nearly needed new underwear. No clue what caused it until I found 2 pieces of the lighter in my pocket, another 2 at the edge of the room. Several smaller pieces never did turn up.

My pants and pocket were loose and mostly empty. As near as I can tell, no pressure was exerted on the lighter. I can say for sure that I've carried tons of Bics in far worse conditions with no problems.

These days, I avoid clear squared-off lighters like the plague. I was lucky not to be hurt when the first blew. I don't want to tempt fate again! I still have no clue what set it off.


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now im fucking scared because i dont have anything but that lighter rn and the flame got huge and i really want to smoke
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