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Was blessed with a chiller!

Gadget Man

Yesss!!! I searched a page and was drawn to a 1/4 hp Ecoplus chiller for $75. WHAT?!? Had to be for parts, right? I went on faith and drove about an hour to take a look. The woman was nice and showed me her torn down grow room. IT WAS NICCCCE! Old house, cold basement with a room all to itself with cinderblock walls. She has a 1 hp chiller just looking so sexy! RO filters, hoods, buckets, the works.
Anyway, I had the nerve to negotiate a little more. IKR? I got it home and ran it for about 24 hours with a 5 gallon bucket and a healthy dose of H2O2 for about 20 hours. Then I ran clean water for a few hours. Its a few years old but works perfectly!
Its really oversized for my 24 gallon setup but go big or go home, right? I plan to upgrade to a 6 or 8 bucket rig in about a year. I'm already planning a room.
My next splurge will be a Bluelab Ph doser. I LOVE the gadgets! Thats half the fun. When this thing is all said and done, I'm sure to get slightly out of control. Like cycling. If you know, then you KNOW cycling can get crazy.
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