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Was just in the grow room


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Check out this reply to my own post :)

Moose here are some shots;

Some of the black opal you like, don't have any boulder :(




And some rough and chips.


This one was turned over in the pic..


Thats all for now. This is gonna make me start cutting again. You can get lost in lapidary. Hours go by and you never know it.:bong:


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You know what? They would look nice in hemp. I think i'll cut one for him and send it. That's a great idea. I have enough where I could send him one for free, I hardly cab anymore, and I have a $600 lapidary machine. Sad eh?


Man, here is a story for you. In the third photo from the top, top row, middle compartment you will see a stone that kinda glows purple. If you notice, there is a line that goes through it.

Well, I was cutting it one day, and had been working on other stones all day, and didn't notice that the cutting wheel had rubbed through my thumb (As happens a lot) and I was bleeding.

The blood had seeped into the stone, and I cant get it out. It is still there, plain as day, and it's been like 3 or 4 years. So my blood is forever inside that opal.

I thought that was kinda cool.
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Wow,that's beautiaful.I look at that and my minds eye sees so much.Hey Boss I have a lense from when I was building the spectrometers.It is so beautiful that I have kept it in my wallet,just waiting to find a person who could set it.I still can't believe youre into this.It's a small world after all.:19:


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Yep, I can. How big is it? I may not have the part to set it, but I make them as well.

We will figure out a way to do this, and I will find a good piece that can be drilled or shaped for a hemp wrap around, and send it too ya. We can use prv msg and a P.O. if you want, or il'll call you and we can exchange adresses over the phone.

This will be very cool.



those are awesome, i bet. It is tough to see in the photograph but it looks like they look real nice. I saw a TON of opal when i went to australia when i was a kid. It was something amazing i hadn't seen before. Now heres my question:

How much for a weed leaf opal?


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Man, if it could be done, it wouldn't be cheap if it was a whole piece. Now useing many small pieces glued to a backing wouldn't be at all. It's been so long since I did this I can't even remember what it's called, but it has a name :) I did a whole shell, but a leaf is tuff due to the natural structure of the stone. It would crack soooo easy.


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Since your growin, you don't always need pretty lil stones to make a pretty looking object. You can use hash instead, it even forms easily by hand.


Here's a example, kinda looks like a cool marble and it would be easy to make it look like a leaf.


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I thought you would like that. Many people are attracted to shiny lil objects myself included. There are some rocks out there that will literally take your breath away so I think your hobby is really cool. Anyway you can use that machine to make really cool looking molds to press and/or form hash? Or is more like a buffer/grinder/polisher thingy? I have no ideal what it is or looks like.


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I would take a pic, but... lol

it's like a grinder, you can do a search for lapidary and see one. Mine has 6 wheels with abuffer on the end. chances are it would just gum up the wheel :) :bong:

Man I looked up emery's shop, Vancouver is on the other side of the country... bluuugh
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