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Washington: Legal Pot Shops Crippled By Black Market Medical Marijuana


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Follow the tomato rule and let people grow unlimited amounts. Problem solved.

People that don't wish to grow will buy from the stores. The value will go down, as it should. It's a plant that everyone should have. The black market will disappear. Nobody sells tomatoes in the black market.

I know... this makes too much sense. I don't understand the idiocy of limiting the number of plants people can grow. Nobody limits the gallons of wine or beer someone can make. Nobody limits the cases of beer someone can buy. And alcohol kills people every day. The herb has never killed anyone.

What difference does it make if someone can grow six plants or a hundred and six? We now have grow operations growing thousands of plants in warehouses. Are those people in danger being surrounded by all those plants? Are they going to overdose and die?

No, they won't. Nor would Joe Public.

All these rules and regulations only add confusion and headaches. And they're all in an attempt to control a plant. A freakin' plant that has never claimed a single life. Meanwhile you can go to a store and load up a grocery cart full of liquor and cigarettes and observers will cheer you on and ask you where the party is.

No words can explain the severity of this hypocrisy and stupidity.
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