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Washington State - Legal Pot Prices May Be High To Start

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Marijuana users may pay some high prices to get high when Washington state's legal pot market launches next week. The initial price-per-gram could be nearly double what medical marijuana card-holders pay. Generally speaking, medical marijuana goes for $10 to $15 per gram -- about two quarter-sized nuggets -- in Washington. But recreational users who want to buy legally at Washington's new pot stores may pay double that -- at least initially.

James Lathrop plans to open the first recreational marijuana store in Seattle. He said, expect to pay $20 a gram, taxes included. "Many people have complained about that," Lathrop said. "In reality, I mean we're talking a twenty. I think that's great. You spend $20 on a bottle of wine." Prices are expected to come down as more stores open and the legal supply becomes more plentiful. Earlier this year, Washington lawmakers considered rolling the state's existing medical marijuana marketplace into the new recreational one. But that didn't pass. The idea is expected to return in the next legislative session.


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...medical marijuana goes for $10 to $15 per gram...
$5 to $8 is typical with top shelf hitting maybe $10 in dispenseries, much less for co-op members.

Washington lawmakers considered rolling the state's existing medical marijuana marketplace into the new recreational one.

Ideas to severely limit or eliminate "self grows" eliminate coop grows, and cut the amount a patient can carry, will decimate the medical uses.
Yes the delays in legalization and now the cluster-fuck rollout of the rec/profit driven market have lead to abuse of the medical side and most legit MMJ people are willing to see some stricter control, but NOT to the point that it effects treatment of those in need (should be between doctor and patient) OR just to enhance the TAX REVENUE side.

This is bad money seeking politics likely to steam roller the MMJ community AND stunt the recreational INDUSTRY as well (Both the brewing and winemaking enthusiasts drove a hobby into 2 major industries in Washington over the last 50 years.
just as with the micro brewer/brewpub and small wineries allowed a drinker to follow a given craftsman or groups development of a certain style of brewing and go a meet the grower/brew master/vintner , sample their specific product and collect/purchase it directly for home use, the specialty marijuana/ micro grower COULD be a huge new industry IF the current LAW allowed the vertical integration of grower>processor>retailer up to a certain size. people wanting to shop on price could still go to the mega "weedco" warehouse, those wanting particular specialty even custom strains grown, processed, and sold by "bob the corner store weed guy" could pay the premium price, and the tax revenue would likely end up higher overall.
The current law doesn't allow this. everyone start talking to YOUR Washington State legislators NOW.
Not in Washington? get your state and federal reps looking towards BETTER laws NOW.
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