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Washington State MMJ new laws (Draft) takes too much away


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Here in Washington State the Liquor control board and the Department of Health are about ready to make radical changes to the medical marijuana laws.

Look at the proposed changes https://lcb.app.box.com/draft-recommendations

The problem is the experts are now attacking the medical rules and putting them under most of the same regulations. This will take away the following (just to name a few read the draft to see what else we will loose as medical patients):

1. Can not have any live plants by eliminating "home grows" which will raise the price for all of us by at least 75% all in the new required excise taxes on sales plus additional B&O & sales tax.
2. Only allowed 3 oz a week no more than this allowed at one site at anytime
3. Caregiver/patients no longer allowed
4. Repeal of RCW69.51A.045 which provides affirmative defense to criminal charges of possession above the legal amount
5. Additional limits on infused products
6. NO Collective gardens
7. New and more intensified yearly medical exams with much higher requirements to qualify

If these new laws are passed Washington State will be taking on giant step backwards for all of their medical group ~ speak out now before it is too late, let the committee know we don't need such radical changes. Read the current draft 3ESSB 5034 Sec 114(2) before it is too late let the board know they are trying to go too far and that there is a big difference between recreational and medical needs.


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This is truly a step backwards and incredibly unfair to qualified patients.

By saying "let the board know", I'm assuming that you mean The Washington Liquor Control Board. This is so wrong - to have the idea of medicine even being discussed by the WLCB in the first place. Be that as it may, would you please post an easy link for everyone to post their comments to the board.

We also have to remember that these are recommendations to go to the legislature. The original SB5073 that was passed by state congress was well written and thought out with Gov. gregoire vetoing all of the provisions for control. Regulation and controls came under the Depts. of Agriculture & Health (where it should be, IMO). Perhaps we can lobby for the original bill to be re-instated!?!


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The bill has not been formalized yet and hopefully they will have enough negative responses from all of us that will reconsider making this drastic changes.
I realized that I forgot the important information so I added a comment with the email, snail mail and fax numbers.
You are spot on if this is passed the way it is proposed it will take the medical users back to pre 1998 days

Don’t Wait every medical card holder, dispensary and hydro shop will be affected so Please send your message NOW by email, letter or fax.

By mail:
Rules Coordinator
Liquor Control Board
P.O. Box 43080
Olympia, WA 98504-3080

By e-mail: rules@liq.wa.gov

By fax: 360-664-9689


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This is back again so we all need to keep on top of it and keep watching and writing. We also need to take a good long look at which state representatives are trying to take away so much from the medical users and help to defeat them the next time they come up for re-elections
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