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wassup from London

Just a Stoner

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Yo everyone! have been getting tips from the site for a while now so thought i should join, learn more and share my growing experiences with some like-minded stoners. I am in the process of growing my first plant, a sativa, but no telling which strain - the seed was straight out of a baggy. Its been growing outdoors for about 3 months, but since the weather here is so crap things are a bit slow so not expecting much from the plant. Therefore I have spent the last four days in my garage with my mate, constructing ourselves an indoor grow box (which looks pretty awesome) for our new Caramelicious seeds which are currently germinating. I'm going to do my very first grow blog and hopefully learn some more tips about growing! peace :tokin:


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Re: wassuupppp from London

Hi Just a Stoner, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
:thanks: for joining us. :thumb:
Start your journal and the help, if you need any, will come. :439:
You know the site, so please vote in the 420 monthly contests. :yummy:
Keep posting and I'll see you around.

Just a Stoner

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Re: wassuupppp from London

Thanks CocoJoe - im just waiting on a camera to start my grow log, and then im sure the questions will be pouring in.

Marty - Will be glad to have you onboard, are you growing yourself?

Ok so heres my first question : any pointers on which soil is the best to start the germinated seeds off in?

Lemon Paradise

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hi Stoner
:welcome: to the friendliest place around :Hookah:
lots of friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful people here, so sit back, relax, enjoy, and ask questions. We are all here to help

can't wait to see the journal :)

I use canna terra myself,, lots of people use the Fox Farms stuff...
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