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Wassup from New Orleans


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Sup? I'm Metalheadbut I've been smoking since I was younger I just stumbled across this sight while looking for a new bong online and thought I just had to join so here I am
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welcome to the site dude! Everyone is awesome on here and you can find answers to pretty much anything you could ever dream of. Great place to be, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay.


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:ciao: Metalheadbut glad you found 420. Very, Very informative place you found here. So make yourself comfortable and Enjoy! See you around the forums :roorrip: :58: :peace:


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Where y'at baby!
Very happy to see another mudbug lover in the forums!
Welcome... you'll find good folk and fine info here!
I happen to think that we live in a great growing area. I sure hope your a fellow grower.... love to chat about the local issues. Not too many folk are familiar with growing in our version of a jungle.



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Mudbugs is a slang term for Crawfish. They're kind of like the crawdads you might find in one of your local streams... little lobster looking beasties. The variety that grows in the brackish waters of the swamps around here are much bigger and fatter.

We get a 50lb bag of them, boil a huge pot of water in the back yard, toss in some Zatirans's Crab boil, sausage, corn, onions and whatnot, cook 'em up and dump them out onto a big table. Everyone just lines up and digs in. Usually with lots of beer!

It's a very social and tasty event. You crack them open a bit like a lobster, pinch the tail and pull the meat out with your teeth. Locals will suck the goo out of the head part too.

Man... makin me hungry!

If you EVER find yourself in the gulf coast area, be sure to try some FRESH mudbugs. It's a bit much to take in for the formal dining type, but OMFG it's great!

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