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Wasted Money Fighting Legalized Marijuana

Tiger Bass

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I was talking to a couple people I know at school about several issues of marijuana. Making my points about how even if it doesn't dramatically boost the economy like oh so many of us hope it will (You can never be too sure) and it will save billions upon billions of dollars that are spent on the "Drug War". I then commented about how its rediculous how legalized marijuana is still being fought by this "War on Drugs". Someone then asked me how much money gets spent on fighting legalized marijuana. I think this would be quite an interesting statistic to know and can't find it anywhere. Also, how much of the $19+ Billion gets spent on marijuana? I think I heard over half before.

But anyways, neither one of them smoke but I was glad to open their eyes to cannabis. Neither one of them knew what hemp was either till I told them. Once they realized what it really was, they were dumbfounded why it's illegal.
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