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Water Filtration for bubble hash, in-line RV filter?


Hey everyone,

Trying to improve my bubble hash methods before next harvest.

I’ve used water straight from the garden hose in the past and now looking into a reasonable way to clean up the water before use.

I’ve come across this inline RV filter which I think would work quite nicely in my setup, and for 40$ cant really go wrong.

Anyone have any further insight into something like this, would it be beneficial at all? Anyone using something similar with good results?



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Hey there. I'm not well versed on bubble hash. I do however use an inline RV filter on my hose that I use for my gardening needs. Most of them do a good job of removing large particles, odors, and other key things like chlorine.

I would recommend doing a quick water quality report search from your water utility and find out what your end product is coming out of the house and then determine the type of filter you would need. I'm not sure what bubble hash requirements are for clean water but any filter on your tap will help. The higher quality the filter, the greater amount of particles and chemicals it will clean up.

The inline filter from the Boogie Brew folks is on the higher end of them but is an excellent option for very clean water.


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For bubble as with so many things, the higher quality your parts, the higher quality the product.

If your just dealing with sediment it's not a huge deal, your filtering everything in the bags anyways and everything in your water is small enough to make it through the bags.

If your on treated municipal water you'll want to consider an ro filter. Chlorine/chloramine can leave an after taste in the hash.

Basically you want the cleanest water you can afford to use. I have a sediment filter on my house and that's all I need, the outdoor spigots don't even go through that and it's given me no issues with my hash.


Right on thanks for the input guys.

I'm using city tap water, found a similar amazon basics inline filter. Reviews state that it reduced ppm and chlorine in tap water, $28 for 2 of em. So I have a few on the way now, for that price I'll give it a shot.
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