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Water Frequency Question


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I'm trying to figure out if I should water less but more often. I'm growing in soil and my grow is almost 80 days and still in veg. (I had issues when I first started) Currently I'm watering every two days about a gallon. Initially I was getting about 25% runoff, but have found if I start with about half that amount, wait 5 minutes then add another quart, wait another 5 minutes then add the final quart my runoff is reduced to about a pint or 12%???

Initially I was told that by letting the soil get fairly dry it would force the plant to push it's roots out in search of every last little bit of water in the soil. Now that it seems the plant has a well established root system, I'm wondering if that is completely necessary. Perhaps instead of waiting for the soil to become exhausted and the pot really light from lack of moisture(thereby perhaps causing a slow down in growth) might it be better to feed a couple of liters every day. It seems that if the soil is too moist there will be some amount of runoff. Is runoff important?

I am feeding nutes at this point. Using Dyna-Grow Protekt and Grow. I'm alternating every other time with about 2ml of Cal-Mag as I have a Mag deficiency early on that I couldn't quite get a handle on and it really slowed things down. I'm basically adjusting my pH to 6.5 after adding nutes and then measuring the output. Early on the runoff was measuring around 6pH, but with this last feeding it was at 6.5pH.
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