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Water is at 6.5 but the drainage water is at 6 - More problems


Hi like the titled mentionned it, when I water my plants I use 6.5 ph water.
however I tested the drainage water and it was at 6.
What is going on? A salt residue?
Also, and im pretty sure of this, there are a few brown spots that are appearing on some of the leaves.
Could this be a bad ph and how can I fix this?
Im using small pots due to the fact that the plants are 2 weeks old (since seed)
Thanks in advance for the help!

Curly Beaver

Well-Known Member
Not a problem, as long as the water going in is OK, I wouldn't worry about what it is when it comes out.


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Lots of missing info here. Have a look at the "How to Ask for Grow Support" sticky.

Specifically, what are you using for soil?
If it has peat moss in it, that will very effectively lower pH.
Also, are you sure the the pH of your feed water has stabilized? You could let it sit overnight to make sure... It can drift sometimes just sitting in the bucket.

But like Curly Beaver said, this doesn't look like a big problem. Don't obsess to much about exact pH numbers.
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